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Evercam Construction Time-Lapse

Cloud Solution for Hikvision Cameras to turn them into Construction Industry Project Management & Time-lapse Cameras

Solution Type: Cloud VSaaS
Targeted Industries: Commercial | Energy & Mining | Manufacturing & Industrial | Ports | Infrastructure | General
This solution is supported by 3rd party

Solution Description

Evercam is a project management & time-lapse solution designed for construction companies. It works with 8MP+ Cameras and it is powered by A.I. Machine learning to provide real solutions for the problems faced on construction sites everyday. It integrates with BIM and other Construction Industry Software such as ProCore, BIM360, PowerBI, Sharepoint, Zutech and others.

User Benefits

  • Promote and showcase your work with construction time-lapse videos and live streaming.
  • Empower Project Managers with the right image at the right time. Share progress with live & immediate access from anywhere on any device.
  • Avoid Disputes by owning the evidence. Your entire project is recorded and available to be shared 24/7.

Key Features

  • Live View or Recordings of your entire project: Access at any time and from any device
  • Time-lapse: Edited, monthly time-lapse videos & create your own short time-lapse videos.
  • Construction Analytics: Identifies all vehicles that enter & exit your site and provides you with an in-app & PDF report. Integrate your BIM Model with the real time Evercam image.
  • Measuring & Edit Tools: A measuring system built into the live view of your camera. Highlight and communicate by drawing and adding text to site images.
  • Compare & X-Ray: Create unlimited before/after Comparison GIFs instantly. Inspect a portion of the site in context of works completed. See behind that wall. See below that floor.

Solution Architecture

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How It Works

Hikvision Product Compatibility






Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Evercam Construction Cameras

Supported Firmware of Partner Products: All 4k+ IP Cameras & NVRs

Supported Hikvision Product Models: All 4k+ IP Cameras & NVRs

Integration Protocol: SDK, ISAPI, ONVIF, HEOP


Regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Oceania

Languages: English

About Evercam Ltd.

Construction Time-lapse & Project Management Cameras. Developers of Machine Learning based Computer Vision Algorithms for Construction Sites. Able to identify & track equipment & events on construction sites.