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Social Safety Signage powered by Hikvision and PADS4

Provided by NDS, 2021-01-29

Solution has been tested with the following Hikvision products

  • HikCentral

  • Optimus

  • IPC

  • PTZ

  • Thermal Camera

  • NVR

  • DVR

  • Encoder

  • Decoder

  • Mobile

  • Access Control

  • Video Intercom

  • Traffic

  • Alarm

  • Parking

  • Others

Solution Description

Social Safety Signage is developed to create a safer environment once the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end. In the era after the pandemic, terms such as social distancing, occupancy and capacity restrictions will be more important than ever. Companies need to keep the restrictions their country is taking in mind. They need to adapt to new conditions and ensure a trustworthy environment. The combination of Hikvision and PADS4 allows you to create this trustworthy environment. With Hikvision’s cameras, companies can not only keep an eye on temperatures of people on their premises, they can also measure distances between people to make sure people keep enough distance. With PADS4 as a digital signage platform, that information can be transformed into relevant and understandable signage. Once Hikvision cameras detect any breaches in the set rules and regulations, PADS4 displays warning messages and the appropriate steps to follow next. This collaboration creates a safer environment.

Key Features

Inform: use PADS4 digital signage platform to inform employees, customers, or visitors on the measures you are taking and keep everyone safe.

Prevent: optimize the public or office space to prevent exposing employees, customers or visitors to unnecessary risks to ensure safety.

Detect: use cameras to measure elevated skin temperatures, face mask usage and distances between people to detect any abnormalities.

React: once any abnormalities are detected, react to them efficiently, inform the correct people and take appropriate action and steps.

User Benefits
  • Easily distribute information and updates
  • Use of technologies to ensure safety
  • Prevent more infections from happening
  • Create a trustworthy environment
Solution Details

Social Safety Signage powered by Hikvision and PADS4

Partner’s products

Social Safety Signage powered by Hikvision and PADS4

Supported Hikvision product models and related firmware versions

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Banking & Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing & Industrial, Public Transportation, Sports & Entertainment, General


Europe, Africa, North America, Middle East & North Africa, Oceania, Latin America, Asia

Solution type

Building Management System

Brief sentence about solution

With Social Safety Signage you create a safer environment in the New Normal for everyone around you. You inform people about measurements you’re taking, prevent exposing them to unnecessary risks, detect abnormalities immediately when they occur, and react to them with appropriate actions.

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