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PARSIFAL is an AI plattform for security, safety, retail and revenue optimization.

Solution Type: PSIM
Targeted Industries: Banking & Finance | Retail | Government | Commercial | Manufacturing & Industrial | General
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Solution Description

In a world full of data, we help our customers around the globe to be efficient, secure and sustainable. PARSIFAL is an AI-conductor and turns information into knowledge, retail into revenue, and average cities into smart ones. PARSIFAL bundles all available information, analyzes it, and uses it to help you increase revenue, optimize security, and work more efficiently.
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User Benefits

  • IMPROVES SUTAINABILITY: Since 2013 PARSIFAL has been the AI platform of choice to run smart cities and provide sustainable industry.
  • PROVIDES SECURITY: The AI platform PARSIFAL connects, correlates and orchestrates data to provide real time alarms, action plans and security predictions, taking your security to the next level.
  • INCREASES EFFICIENCY: The AI of PARSIFAL combines, correlates and orchestrates data to get your organization operating ahead of time.
  • REDEFINES LIVING: PARSIFAL enables organizations to be truly intelligent by managing various processes in real time, such as traffic and public transport, water, and electricity.
  • REDUCES COSTS AND INCREASES REVENUE: PARSIFAL's AI helps you gain real insight into your customers and make spending more effective through automated processes.

Key Features

  • SMART DASHBOARD: You select the modular applications you really need and PARSIFAL guides them intuitively.
  • ALARM MANAGEMENT: Define your specific process and the operator will be guided by instructions or procedures via workflows.
  • CONNECTIVITY: Incorporate a wide variety of data collection points in real time for a complete situational picture, e.g., camera, microphones, GPS, weather, and more.
  • ARCHITECTURE: PARSIFAL architecture allows you to choose the most suitable setup for your project: single server, federation, redundancy, mirror, cloud-based.
  • EXPANDABLE: PARSIFAL offers a number of extensibility options to customize your project, such as mobile notifications, multi-lingualism, statistics, etc. And if an API is missing, we will create it!

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility



Thermal Camera




Technical Details

Partner Product Name: PARSIFAL

Supported Firmware of Partner Products: Please Request

Supported Hikvision Product Models: Please Request

Integration Protocol: ISAPI, Others


Regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Oceania

Languages: English

About G2K Group GmbH

G2K AI - Made in Germany G2K is the developer of Parsifal which allows you to be aware of anything and everything, detecting minuscule details that can be miles away (or, for that matter, on another continent). This AI platform is following this very sequence: (1) sensory perception and transmission, (2) cognition and parsing, and (3) procedural programming, all executed in real- time. G2K employs 150 employees on 3 different continents. However two of our premises are based in Germany, including our Munich HQ. Our global team is working by German standards of quality, data protection and cybersecurity. We are proud members of the Federal Association for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (BSKI) as well as the Federal Association of Artificial Intelligence (KI Bundesverband) and are committed to Ethical Principles in the development of our AI technology.