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Fire and Smoke Detection for Hikvision HEOP cameras - iThermAI

We provide early stage fire and smoke detection based on video streams of Hikvision cameras.

Solution Type: Analytics
Targeted Industries: Government Facilities | Safe City | Commercial | Manufacturing and Industrial | Logistics
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Solution Description

We integrate our video-based fire and smoke algorithm Hikvision CCTV and thermal cameras to provide early-stage detection. This is particularly useful for remote sites where early detection is critical, such as factories, warehouses, waste collection & recycling sites. In such sites the Hikvision HEOP equipped RGB and Bi-Spectrum (thermal+RGB) cameras can provide thermal alerts as well as standard video alerts - using our advanced AI application that can be downloaded and installed onto any HEOP 2.0 camera. 

Please contact us to be forwarded to the right distributor in any region.

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User Benefits

  • Rapid fire prevention with advanced video-based flame and smoke detection
  • Compatible with HEOP RGB Series 3 & 5 as well as Bispectrum
  • Native integration with HikCentral Professional VMS

Key Features

  • integration inside HEOP-enabled camera (no extra hardware)
  • Distinguishing color of smoke
  • Defining 3 levels of sensitivity of the algorithm
  • Compatible with HikCentral Professional and Milestone
  • VMS, Camera IO and Hikvision IO Box output

Solution Architecture

In order to run the application, you need an HEOP-enabled camera, app and license. The license is generated based on the serial number of the camera which is activated for a specific duration based on the type of purchased license. Our app runs on the camera 24/7. Fire and smoke incidents could be delivered to VMS, camera IO or even Hikvision alarm box for direct connection to fire panels.

Hikvision Product Compatibility


Thermal Camera


Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Fire and Smoke Detection

Partner Product Version: 1.1.0

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: iDS-2CD7387G0-XS (V5.8.2 build 230807); DS-2CD3B86G2T-IZHSY (V5.7.52 build 231116); DS-2TD2628T-3/QA (V5.5.76 build 231123)

Integration Protocol: HEOP


Regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Oceania

Languages: English, French, Dutch

HEOP Information

Application Name: FSD-iThermAI-RGB-S3-V1

App Version(X.X.X): 1.2.0

Application Description: Fire and Smoke detection

App File: Download App

About iThermAI

iThermai is active in the field of smart vision in particular, thermal vision. We are developing several on-the-edge applications using Hikvision bi-spectrum thermal cameras.

Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in this solution.