When it comes to Access Control Integration, Hikvision s main focus is on the MinMoe Face Recognition Terminal.
Due to the risks around COVID-19, the need to integrate a temperature-screening face recognition terminal is rising rapidly.
There are two primary systems to integrate with MinMoe:
Access Control and Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS, also referred to as Time & Attendance System).
For these two types of systems, the requirements are quite different.
Access Control Systems
Integrate with MinMoe via HikCentral OpenAPI:
We suggest partners integrate using HikCentral Professional, Hikvision’s software platform, and use MinMoe as Card Reader in these two kinds of scenarios:
In projects where end users want to upgrad e their conventional Access Control System with Face Recognition Terminals, but do not want to alter the existing system set up.
In some Access Control Systems where software providers do not want to modify their software systems to adapt to the MinMoe Face Recognition Terminal.
For these types of integration, partners are mainly global ACS suppliers. For details about OpenAPI, please refer to https://tpp.hikvision.com/tpp/Wiki/HCPOpenAPI.
Integrate with MinMoe Directly via ISAPI:
We suggest partners integrate with MinMoe directly via ISAPI in this scenario:
Partners want to manage MinMoe directly and sell software to end users though a unified interface.
For this kind of integration, partners are mainly regional ACS suppliers. Please visit “Resource” for more information.
HRMS (Time & Attendance Management System)
Normally, HRMS systems do not have the capabilities to manage access control terminals like the MinMoe. However, some software providers cover both time & attendance and access control, so that their software can manage access control terminals as well. Today, such kinds of software providers are limited in number.
Integrate with MinMoe via HikCentral OpenAPI:
For on-site HRMS and employee attendance, we suggest integrating with Hikvision’s software “HikCentral Professional.” This software provides four ways to integrate with HRMS: OpenAPI (https://tpp.hikvision.com/tpp/Wiki/HCPOpenAPI), database, CSV, and TXT. There are two applicable scenarios here:
If the requirements come from the human resources/time & attendance software suppliers, we suggest they integrate using our OpenAPI; this allows them to manage the system with the maximum efficiency.
If the requirements come from the end-users, we suggest they use a database, CSV, and TXT for integration. For this integration method, please refer to the HikCentral Professional User Manual.
Integrate with MinMoe via Hik-ProConnect OpenAPI:
We can see that more and more HRMS systems are moving to cloud, and Hikvision provides our own cloud-based integration solution as well – Hik-ProConnect. And we think this integration method (the "Hik-ProConnect OpenAPI") will be the most welcome to our partners and customers.
For more detail about T&A integrate solution based on Hik-ProConnect OpenAPI, please visit "Product News(https://tpp.hikvision.com/tpp/News)".
If want to get Hik-ProConnect OpenAPI for integration, please contact with: tpp@hikvision.com
For more detail about Hik-ProConnect OpenAPI interface, please visit "Resource(https://tpp.hikvision.com/tpp/Resource)" or "Integration->General Guide(https://tpp.hikvision.com/tpp/Wiki/Index)".
Why our Minmoe system is the best choice?
Minmoe Access Control Terminal
Accurate temperature measuring
Touch-free access and attendance
Fast face recognition
HikCentral Video Management Software
Temperature and mask statistics 
Attendance report
one-click correction for people with abnormal temperature
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DS-K1T671TM-3XF Ultra Face Recognition Terminal
HikCentral - Temperature Screening