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Joint-value Solutions
Enable Vision AI in Just 5 Minutes integration for Hikvision products provides the tools and infrastructure to enable anyone to deploy Vision AI solutions into Hikvision HEOP 2.0 cameras in a matter of minutes. The integration comes with a range of off-the-shelf AI solutions to choose from, while also supporting the development of custom ones tailored to your needs. Pairing your Hikvision camera with platform can be done in just five minutes. is a no-code Vision AI Platform, requiring zero AI expertise, so you can focus on what matters more – solving real-life problems with Vision AI!

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Pyro Sense Fire Incident Management Software & Fire Detection AI

Pyro Sense AI is a real-time, auto-adaptable AI solution that automatically monitors & detects smoke fire and provides alerts and analytical reports to assist early detection and in-field operations for first responders like firemen, rescuers, etc.

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Fire Alarm Integration with Hikvision HikCentral VMS

Teknim Mosaic and Hikvision HikCentral systems enable a fully manageable fire security solution in buildings and facilities for everyone. Users or system operators monitor and manage all their fire alarm systems as well as other security systems such as CCTV, intercom and access control products.

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Fire and Smoke Detection for Hikvision HEOP cameras

We integrate our video-based fire and smoke algorithm Hikvision CCTV and thermal cameras to provide early-stage detection. This is particularly useful for remote sites where early detection is critical, such as factories, warehouses, waste collection & recycling sites. In such sites the Hikvision HEOP equipped RGB and Bi-Spectrum (thermal+RGB) cameras can provide thermal alerts as well as standard video alerts - using our advanced AI application that can be downloaded and installed onto any HEOP 2.0 camera. 

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