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HEOP 2.0
Integration HEOP
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HEOP in a nutshell
Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) enables technology partners to develop and run their own applications on Hikvision's hardware to suit the specific needs and unique installation scenarios of customers.
HEOP features open-architecture hardware, standard interfaces, and the HikFlow algorithm development kit*. Partners can easily join the HEOP ecosystem through Hikvision's Technology Partner Portal.
Compared to HEOP 1.0, HEOP 2.0 facilitates partners to deploy proprietary deep-learning algorithms on Hikvision's edge devices, providing more intelligent and tailored applications for end users.
*Hikvision's dedicated kit to facilitate algorithm development and to minimize the deployment time of applications via HEOP 2.0.
System architecture
The HEOP 2.0 system architecture ensures smooth running and quick migration of applications among varied types of underlying hardware.
*The Base API is used to set parameters. The Media API provides raw videos and images. The HikFlow API provides deep-learning hardware resources.
Get an edge over the competition
Create with boosted efficiency & intelligence
Algorithm acceleration with the HikFlow algorithm development kit
One-stop services from documentation & training, technical support, to app management
An all-encompassing development environment that is easy to deploy
Reliable AI edge devices for solid performance and deep-learning applications
Promote through joint efforts
Co-marketing opportunities for maximum exposure of developers' apps through Hikvision's global network
Co-selling opportunities of joint solutions through Hikvision's extensive business channels
Win with optimal solutions
Meet and exceed end users' expectations of richer product options and more intelligent solutions in varied business scenarios
HEOP 2.0-enabled products
We already have many product lines that support HEOP 2.0. More HEOP 2.0-enabled products will be available soon.
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Partner highlights
Deep-learning analytics for the logistics and manufacturing industry.
Parcel, pallet, and stock analysis
Truck loading analysis
Truck parking lot monitoring
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Deep-learning detection and classification of vehicles and people for road safety.
Intrusion detection
Wrong-way driving detection
Object lost detection
Classified vehicle counting
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Kepler Vision
Deep-learning detection and analytics for intelligent elder care.
Fall detection
Vacancy alarms
Sleeping area detection
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Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide
Log into your TPP account or register an account for your company
Come back to this page and click on "Register for HEOP 2.0 today" to fill out the registration form
Upon approval, access Support/Download menu to sign the online HEOP Agreement
Access HEOP Manager in "My Account" to find the developer guide