What is HEOP?

Hikvision's Embedded Open Platform, or HEOP for short, opens up extensive possibilities for running third-party applications on Hikvision network cameras. Customized applications can be downloaded and installed on Hikvision network cameras to suit your unique installation scenario.

There are two ways to take advantage of HEOP:

HEOP Integration: Any approved technology partner can request HEOP integration to develop an application based on Hikvision hardware. This approach is mainly project-based.

HEOP Program: With pre-selected Hikvision products, partners are allowed to join in to develop their value-added applications. Such applications include a full-package of on-line licensing and app management, a go-to-market plan with dedicated highlight possibilities, and more.

A Few Highlights of this Platform:

  • The platform allows integrators to integrate their own confidential protocol for product development without any requirement to provide that protocol to Hikvision. Furthermore, integrators can control the integration progress themselves.
  • The Hikvision Embedded Open Platform makes it possible for integrators, resellers, and end-users to select the most suitable intelligent application or cloud service application for their specific needs on their Hikvision network video products.
  • The platform enables integrators to construct their own webpage or web component without the help of Hikvision. Hikvision puts the power in your hands.

Key Benefits of the HEOP Program

  • Highly reliable development environment
  • Dedicated support for co-development
  • Industry-proven hardware for future-proof investment
  • Highlighted in Hikvision’s go-to-market plan
  • Global promotion possibilities
  • Sales reporting with license management

Products Supported in the HEOP Program

Hikvision provides a variety of products in order to meet various technical requirements and market needs. We invite you to talk to one of our representatives for more exciting details.

HEOP Supported List

How to Launch a Collaboration Project using HEOP?

After becoming a Hikvision Technology Partner, you can simply submit an online request for integration or an HEOP-program process request for full-package cooperation.


HEOP Compatible Applications

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