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Hikvision's Violation Detection System uses multi-frame recognition and vehicle tracking technology to gather traffic and vehicle information. It can sense a moving vehicle's direction and route and detect violations. It can effectively regulate roadway traffic, reducing accidents, boosting safety, and improving the efficiency of road management for law enforcement.
Read on to learn how this advanced solution can boost safety and efficiency in your unique application.
Key Challenges
Traffic safety hazards
Speeding and intersection violations are primary concerns to traffic police.
Traffic refinement needs
Existing illegal detection methods cannot meet the challenges of new legislation, such as license plate restrictions and others.
Traffic enforcement disputes
Disputes between citizens and authorities can damage the credibility or reputation of traffic police.
Internal regulation
Some officers generate illegal income through corruption and bribery, compromising the image of the police.
What We Offer
Capture Unit
All-rounder Traffic Camera
Illegal-parking PTZ
Detects vehicle speeds with high accuracy
Detects red-light running, wrong-way driving, and other traffic violations
Regulates driving, inhibits speeding to reduce accident rates, and improves safety on main roads
Enhances efficiency by reducing enforcement disputes due to errors in manual intervention
Standardizes law enforcement processes
Typical Scenarios
Detects speeding
Detects red-light running, phone use while driving, seatbelt violation, wrong-way driving
Detects illegal parking at the roadside
Bus Stops
Detects illegal parking at bus stops
Integration Architecture
Note: Please check HikCentral Professional compatibility list before integration, especially with traffic servers.
Integration Options Compared
Install Hikvision software before integration?
Yes (Windows OS)
Based on HTTP
Support more features
Can be used in both static IP and dynamic IP scenarios
Need to configure static IP for each camera
Need to install HikCentral Professional software on the server before integration
Customers need to pay for HikCentral Professional
Violation types
Red-light running
Phone use while driving
Seatbelt violation
Wrong-way driving
Wrong-way driving
Phone use while driving
Device Preparation Before Integration
Connect your device to LAN with your PC, and activate your camera by SADP
ISAPI Integration
System Architecture
Protocol Introduction
The ISAPI protocol is RESTful style and based on HTTP.
The message formats are XML and JSON, which are easy for development and maintenance.
It supports all operating systems and development languages.
ISAPI is an application layer protocol based on HTTP and adopts the representational state transfer (REST) architecture for communication between devices and software.
When a clients' applications send requests to devices, they need to use digest authentication (see details in RFC 7616) for identity authentication.
Communicates with the device without plugins.
Meets mainstream browser access requirements.
Set a static IP for the device.
Sign MLA on the TPP portal.
Search and download the ISAPI developer guide by using our search engine.
Download an HTTP command test tool, like Postman.
Check the ISAPI developer guide for necessary information.
Check the demo videos in the Training Center.
ISAPI Developer Guide Download Procedure
Register at
Hikvision reviews & approves your registration
Upon receipt of approval, log in to your account
Go to "Download" menu > Select "ISAPI"
Use the search engine to find the corresponding ISAPI developer guide
Event Receiving – Listening Mode
Listening mode means that the customer's server is configured as the listening address. The device will then upload real-time event messages to this address.
The device actively pushes event detail through a short HTTP connection, meeting real-time requirements and saving bandwidth traffic.
Violation types supported by ISAPI:
Red-light running
Phone use while driving
Seatbelt violation
Wrong-way driving
HikCentral Professional Integration
System Architecture
Install both software items.
Check the HikCentral Professional OpenAPI Developer Guide under the installation path: HikCentral\VSM Servers\OpenAPI\Document.
Check the demo videos in the Training Center.
HikCentral License Online Acquisition Process
Select "Support" > "Download" > "Software"
Click "HikCentral Professional Vx.x.x"
Fill in the "Trial License Application" form
The trial license will be sent to your email inbox
Or access directly here
access directly here
Event Receiving – Subscribing to events by type
To receive alarm or event information, users must first subscribe to specific event types or alarm categories. When the subscribed type or category of event occurs or an alarm is triggered, the platform or service will automatically upload the related information to the caller for processing or acknowledgment.
Violation types ISAPI supports:
Phone use while driving
Wrong-way driving