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USPORTFOR Automated Sport Broadcasting Solution

Usportfor is a sport broadcasting company that was created by sportspeople for sportspeople. We give the same broadcasting visibility that pro sports get to the other 99% - no cameraman is needed.

Solution Type: Sports Application, Cloud VSaaS, Video Analytics
Targeted Industries: Sport and Leisure
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Solution Description

The Automated Camera for SportsTM enables sports clubs to fully automate match recording. This can be used for live broadcasting, video analysis or for performance improvements. You simply install a specific Hikvision camera at the sports field centre line and you can then schedule unlimited matches from your own club dashboard. Our system follows the action, stitches together the images and broadcasts to subscribers.

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User Benefits

  • Schedule recordings in public or private mode
  • Broadcast live from the club website or via the Usportfor app
  • Admins can schedule recordings, annotate matches, download and review matches
  • Coaches can analyse past matches and use footage for performance evaluations

Key Features

  • Fully automated match or training session recording and broadcasting
  • 1 camera can track and record match action
  • Images are stitched together using USportfor technology
  • Easy action to key game action, such as corners or free kicks using filters

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility


Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Automated Camera for Sports

Partner Product Version: -

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: 32 MP 180° PanoVu Network Camera

Integration Protocol: ISAPI


Regions: Europe

Languages: English, Dutch

About Usportfor BV

Usportfor delivers the automated cameraman software to record sport games. The Panovu 32MP images are analysed by the virtual cameraman running on the local installed RIA server and automatically follows the game and zooms in on the players. Images are used by the club and broadcasters for live streaming and by trainers and players for analysing the game. and generating clips to share. The images are also avaiable on the Usportfor world wide platform and in the Android and Apple App.