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As car ownership grows, so does the need for smart parking solutions. With a wealth of experience and plenty of new opportunities to offer, Hikvision's Technology Partner Program is here to help. This program is launching a new integration theme that addresses parking problems and needs in a collaborative manner.
Keep reading to see more integration possibilities from our partners using Hikvision products for on-and off-street parking.
Parking Type
On-Street Parking
Off-Street Parking
On-Street Parking
1 Areas on roadways allotted for vehicle parking
2 Maintained by local governments
Off-Street Parking
1 Parking lots : Vehicles parked in open areas on large pieces of private land
2 Garage parking : Covered or indoor parking areas for vehicles
3 Maintained by private commercial companies such as shopping malls, industrial or business parks, etc.
Below you will see parking scenarios in which our joint-value solutions can be applied. Integration possibilities are demonstrated further down the page.
On-Street Parking
Off-Street Parking
On-Street Parking
Integration Architecture
What Hikvision Offers
DeepinView-Series 7-Line ANPR Model
Product Introduction
Off-Street Parking
Integration Architecture
Parking Management System - Hikcentral
What Hikvision Offers
Entrance & Exit Barrier Gate
Entrance & Exit Capture Unit
Entrance & Exit Control Terminal
Parking Guidance System
Architecture for Parking Guidance System
Parking Guidance Terminal
iBeacon-based Vehicle Locating
  • Roles and Steps:
  • DS-TCP440
  • Periodically sends advertisement data with a specific ID to identify the area.
  • Server
  • Receives requests from the app and provides Beacon device UUIDs and deployment coordinates.
  • Accepts specific coordinate data from the app, performs statistics, and returns relevant information as needed.
  • Mobile phone with a vehicle-locating app installed
  • 1. Using an app,requests the UUID and deployed coordinate values of Beacon devices in the corresponding area from a server and begins receiving advertisement data by using smartphone's Bluetooth module from all Beacon devices with the corresponding UUID.
  • 2.Based on the received advertisement frame data from all nearby Beacon devices, determines if there are devices in the "Near" range.
  • 3.Utilizing the coordinates of Beacon devices and applying a specific algorithm (triangulation,etc.), calculates coordinates.
  • Marks the location on a map and sends the data to the server for data collection and message notifications.