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Joint-value Solutions
Cloud Based Time-Lapse Platform

CCTV installers often receive requests for time-lapse footage from clients, but NVR and CCTV video recording is not a solution for these projects. Our time-lapse cloud allows installers to easily connect any IP camera and start creating time-lapse videos without any additional investment in hardware.

Hikvision's high quality IP cameras and reliable hardware, combined with Natilon's perfect time-lapse solution, will enhance the market presence and capabilities of CCTV installers.

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Fire and Smoke Detection for Hikvision HEOP cameras

We integrate our deep learning AI with Hikvision CCTV and thermal cameras to provide early stage fire and smoke detection. This is particularly useful for remote sites where early detection is critical, such as factories, warehouses or even waste collection & recycling sites. In such sites the Hikvision HEOP equipped Bi-Spectrum thermal camera can provide thermal alerts as well as standard video alerts - using our AI application that is easily downloaded and installed onto a HEOP 2.0 camera.

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e-Tracksys - Operator Localization System

"e-Tracksys" is a software that localizes operators in real time in outdoor/indoor yard/facilities.  The "e-Tracksys" solution improves environment, health, and security access control and prevents fatalities. The solution uses multi-sensors, IoT, multi-tracking technology (RFID, UWB, BLE, Wi-Fi, etc.) to record locations with Hikvision digital video security technology-integrated HikCentral Professional, certified cameras, and monitoring system solutions. For operator safty, the e-Tracksys software will count and track operator cards, detect false cards, and monitor when operators are moving inside the yard or facility. It also tracks check-ins, check-outs, and arrivals to the facility across all safety entry/exit gates. It detects H2S gas leaks, and methane emissions as well for each zone monitored.

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AxTraxPro™ Integration with Hikvision's Face Recognition Terminals

Rosslare's AxTraxPro™ access control management software is now integrated with Hikvision's MinMoe face recognition terminals. Thanks to the seamless integration, AxTraxPro™ customers can benefit from the entire feature set of Hikvision devices, including face and fingerprint enrollment and management, device activation, Identity management, event & alarm receiving, mask, helmet & temperature detection configuration, and firmware upgrading.

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