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Joint-value Solutions
Anavid Shoplifting Detection

Anavid shoplifting connects to the video system using RTSP and analyses the footage in real time to detect suspicious behaviour that attempts to conceal a product item inside clothing, baby buggies or pushchairs, or baggage. When an event is detected by our algorithms, on-site personnel are alerted with a mobile message which also includes a short video clip.

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Optimus Connector for Pyronix Enforcer Alarm Systems

With over 35 years of proven intrusion expertise, Pyronix has a long and proud heritage as a forward-looking and dynamic organization; introducing cutting-edge products, integrations and systems into its security alarm portfolio.

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The LockToo System

Integration of Hikvision biometrics devices (fingerprint, badge, face recognition, etc.) with Rifl's LockToo Manager software for efficient time & attendance and access control. The full integration can resolve crucial issues around Physical contact, Damaged Fingerprint, Time consuming processes, etc. The system integrates with HR and payroll systems including Sage, ERP, and HR Access, to ensure exchange of data and eliminate payroll errors

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ICOGNIZE Palm vein scanner with Hikvision Access Controllers

PalmVein is currently the safest and best non-contact biometric procedure. No duplication of data maintenance - the master data is maintained in the Hikvison platform. Use of the most modern procedures - identification, 2-factor authentication, template in the database,  template on card, split template, the main system remains Hikvision including all authorization assignments.

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