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Joint-value Solutions
Can'nX Link'nX : KNX - IoT Linker Gateway for Facial Recognition

Unlock an expansive realm of possibilities where smart homes and buildings come to life, powered by Hikvision AI and KNX building automation protocol. Envision a scenario where the door unlocks and opens and the lights effortlessly adjust to the perfect brightness, thanks to Hikvision's cutting-edge facial recognition technology that recognises the person as they enter. This Can'nX integration between Hikvision devices and AI for facial recognition opens the door to an ever-expanding array of IoT products, offering a continuously evolving landscape of possibilities.

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ClassIn Hybrid Learning Space with Hikvision Displays

ClassIn build Learning Environments. Not Conference Rooms. Because of our focus and specialty, we're able to handle any teaching modality there is – from fully virtual, to hybrid (some remote, some in-person), to 100% in-person, blended learning. We outshine conferencing solutions in our interactivity, management functionalities, and ecosystem integration.

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Video-based Automatic Incident Detection Solutions for tunnels, bridges and highways

Citilog's Automatic Incident Detection (AID) provides outstanding performance and accuracy for your entire traffic incident management chain. 25 years of experience associated to a state-of-the-art technology enable accurate and responsive incident detection.

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Milestone Metadata Smart Search Solution

Hikvision's MIP plugin for Milestone XProtect VMS enables operators to search for target pictures from recorded videos via setting search filters in the XProtect Smart Client. For search results, you can view the details and related video of a captured picture, export search results, etc.

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