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SmarTTime – Cloud-Based World-Class Integrated Time and Attendance and Access Control

Fully integrated, cloud-based Time and Attendance and Access Control software and hardware

Solution Type: HRMS (Human Resource Management System), Visitor Management Platform , Time & Attendence
Targeted Industries: Banking and Finance | Retail | Government Facilities | Commercial | Education | General
Hikvision Verified
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Solution Description

SmarTTime's integration with Hikvision MinMoe devices and the Hik-ProConnect Cloud Platform brings you unrivalled Cloud Based Time and Attendance and Access Control. The Time and Attendance software manages the most complex shifts and will – through our automated shift detection – ensure that your staff are auto-assigned to the correct shifts. Our powerful API makes integration with your Payroll and or HR Systems a breeze, thereby creating a single source of information in terms of employee data and leave records whilst at the same time eliminating duplication of efforts. Automated Alerts keep you informed of all you need to know and are customizable Login from anywhere 24/7/365
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User Benefits

  • Real-time time & attendance data at your fingertips 24/7/365. Clock in from anywhere, at any time using Hikvision MinMoe hardware or our mobile application for Android and IOS.
  • Our leave module allows for leave applications and approvals and caters to the most complex leave rules including accruals and leave forfeiture.
  • Real-time wage/salary costs enable proactive management of labor costs. Business Intelligence through our API gives you custom dashboards and total control over your workforce.
  • Integrates with all HR/Payroll systems through our API.
  • Import or automate work schedules/rosters.

Key Features

  • Time is recorded in multiple ways (face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint, card, webbrowser, Android and IOS mobile application allowing for GEO tagging)
  • True cloud-based service, available 24/7/365, providing realtime data including 24/7 telephonic and email support.
  • API for integration with all HR/Payroll systems and online hardware monitoring.
  • Advanced leave management, custom rule setups, accruals, leave forfeiture approval workflows.
  • Advanced scheduling.

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility

Access Control

Technical Details

Partner Product Name: SmarTTime

Partner Product Version: N/A

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: MinMoe devices (DS-K1T671TM-3XF, DS-K1TA70MI-T, DS-K1T343MWX, etc.)

Integration Protocol: ISAPI, Hik-Partner Pro OpenAPI (HPNetSDK)


Regions: Africa, Middle East & North Africa, Europe, North America

Languages: English

About Page Automation

Established in 1999, Page Automation (Pty) Ltd. has offices and service centers located throughout South Africa.
Our Cloud Based SmarTTime software and Hikvision MinMoe hardware enable us to also provide our services globally.
Our vision is to lead our customers toward improved workplace efficiency, enabled and assisted by the latest technology and state of-the-art products, allowing employees and businesses to deliver optimal performance.

Our in-depth understanding of business operations allows us to identify opportunities, technologies and products that enable and empower our customers to perform optimally.