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MA2 VXCore

VXCore is a cloud based video management solution for safe city applications. It is deployed in multiple locations at towns and cities in France.

Solution Type: VMS
Targeted Industries: Safe City | Retail | Commercial | Manufacturing and Industrial
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Solution Description

For over 20 years MA2 has been deploying VXCore at safe city projects in France. Our solution provides local law enforcement with a complete video security management suite of applications that enable them to monitor and record their streets 24/7. VXCore uses a highly stable Linux based server for viewing and recording video surveillance cameras. The structure of VXCore allows for multi-site centralisation, remote access using mobile devices as well as advanced features such as ANPR integration for automated ticketing and post event video analytics.

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User Benefits

  • Clear and concise real-time situational analysis
  • Simple to use GIS maps with zoom in/out of zone
  • Locate cctv cameras quickly and easily : dynamic icons and address search
  • Virtual tripwire zones to trigger alerts

Key Features

  • Cloud based application - simple to deploy
  • Remote and mobile access to camera streams and alerts
  • Advanced forensic analytics search features using timelines. Object sorting AI (human, bike, moto, car, bus, animal, truck)
  • Group information more efficiently with new mapping GUI
  • Simplified multi-user management.

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility



Technical Details

Partner Product Name: VXCore + modules

Partner Product Version: -

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: All ISAPI models

Integration Protocol: ISAPI, ONVIF, HCNetSDK


Regions: Europe

Languages: French, English

About MA2

VXCore from MA2 is a VMS (Video Management Software) based on a robust Linux platorm and is known for its stability and high security.