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Optimus Connector for Pyronix Enforcer Alarm Systems

Real-time Pyronix alarm receiving solution on HikCentral Professional

Solution Type: Alarm Systems
Targeted Industries: Banking and Finance | Government Facilities | Commercial | Manufacturing and Industrial | Residential | General
Hikvision Verified
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Solution Description

With over 35 years of proven intrusion expertise, Pyronix has a long and proud heritage as a forward-looking and dynamic organization; introducing cutting-edge products, integrations and systems into its security alarm portfolio.


Powered by Hikvision Optimus, the SIA DC-09 Connector allows Pyronix Enforcer alarm systems to send real-time alarms to Hikvision HikCentral Professional. Furthermore, linkages can be created between two systems; for example, a Pyronix burglary alarm can trigger a Hikvision camera to begin recording or a Hikvision PTZ to return to a preset position.


Configuring the integration is very intuitive and features a user-friendly interface. Once installed, the user can build unique event flow logic into the integration. Optimus enables a flexible approach to create a variety of linkages between the Pyronix alarm systems and HikCentral software. The integration ensures alarms and devices are always synchronized on both sides.

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User Benefits

  • Management of Hikvision devices and Pyronix alarm devices on a single platform
  • Intuitive user interface and flexible configuration via Hikvision Optimus
  • Visual verification and response to Pyronix alarms with just a few clicks

Key Features

  • Data synchronization between HikCentral Professional and Pyronix's Enforcer
  • Real-time Pyronix alarm receiving on the HikCentral client
  • Flexible event linkage between Pyronix alarms and Hikvision devices
  • Historical searching of Pyronix alarms on the HikCentral client

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility



Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Enforcer, Enforcer X 280 (Coming Soon)

Partner Product Version: V11.3

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: HikCentral Professional (V2.0 and later)

Integration Protocol: Hikvision Optimus


Regions: Europe

Languages: English

Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in this solution.