Tel:18664160159 E-mail: info@videoexpertsgroup.com Website: www.videoexpertsgroup.com
Supported Hikvision Products
Network Camera;PTZ;Mobile;Video Intercom
VXG offers the video platform of the future. There are 3 main components of the VXG platform; 1. Run it anywhere. 2. Interface with AI. 3. Instant access o... More

Wancom Pte Ltd
Tel:67423120 E-mail: office@wancom.com.sg Website: www.wancom.com.sg
Supported Hikvision Products
Network Camera;PTZ;Thermal Camera;Network Video Recorder;Digital Video Recorder;Encoder;Decoder;Mobile;Access Control;Video Intercom;Transmission & Display;Enterprise Network Storage;HikCentral
hikvision solution service provider More

Webeye Limited
Tel:01157149990 E-mail: Website: www.webeyecms.com
Supported Hikvision Products
Network Camera;PTZ;Thermal Camera;Network Video Recorder;Digital Video Recorder;Mobile;Access Control;Video Intercom;Traffic;Transmission & Display;Alarm;Parking
we are cloud based video platform which integrates with all Hikvision products More

Tel:0148461288 E-mail: contact@weshop.fr Website: http://WESHOP.fr
Supported Hikvision Products
Network Video Recorder
WESHOP offers you the software for the different commercial activities More

WinRex Solutions Limited
Tel:39571379 E-mail: Website: www.winrex-solutions.com
Supported Hikvision Products
IT&T solutions, API integration, Customer Service More

Tel:+33670921168 E-mail: contact@wintics.com Website: www.wintics.com
Supported Hikvision Products
Network Camera;Thermal Camera;Traffic;Parking
Our software layer connects with Hikvision cameras to automatically convert video streams into key mobility data for smoother and efficient mobility infrastruct... More

Tel:2130277323 E-mail: Website: www.wisdomsoftware.gr
Supported Hikvision Products
Software Development, IT Support Services, IT Hardware Reseller More

Tel:0646787693 E-mail: contact@xxii.fr Website: www.xxii.fr
Supported Hikvision Products
Network Camera;Thermal Camera
"The power of Artificial Intelligence for your city." More

Tel:13654035814 E-mail: Website: www.1234.com
Supported Hikvision Products
123 More

Yeastar Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Tel:8605925503301 E-mail: Website: https://www.yeastar.com
Supported Hikvision Products
Access Control;Video Intercom;Others
Yeastar provides cloud-based and on-premises VoIP PBXs for SMEs and delivers UC solutions. Founded in 2006, Yeastar has established itself as a global leader in... More