G Element Pte Ltd
Tel:62547978 E-mail: Website: https://www.gelement.com/
Supported Hikvision products
Network Camera;HikCentral
3D 'emergency and incident management system' for smart building/precinct/city More

G2K Group GmbH
Tel:0049303229150 E-mail: info@g2k-group.com Website: www.g2k.ai
Supported Hikvision products
Network Camera;Thermal Camera;PTZ;Encoder
G2K AI - Made in Germany G2K is the developer of Parsifal which allows you to be aware of anything and everything, detecting minuscule details that can be miles... More

G4S Turkey
Tel:0902122897550 E-mail: Website: WWW.G4S.COM.TR
Supported Hikvision products
Network Camera;PTZ;Thermal Camera;Network Video Recorder;Digital Video Recorder;Encoder;Decoder;Mobile;Access Control;Video Intercom;Traffic;Enterprise Network Storage;Alarm;Parking;HikCentral
Security Company which provides a integrated security solutions for their partners on global. More

GDM Systems GmbH
Tel:4915229245890 E-mail: uwe.vonderheyde@gdm-systems.eu Website: www.gdms.de
Supported Hikvision products
We are a small development Company. Our product is a customer neutral Control post application for all kind of safety - and security Technologies. Our applicati... More

Tel:0097143888778 E-mail: Website: www.getgroup.com
Supported Hikvision products
Thermal Camera;Access Control;Others
GET Group’s history spans more than 30 years of milestones, awards, partnerships and many achievements. Since its foundation in 1986, the Group has established ... More

HASHh Automations
Tel:9626040537 E-mail: support@hashh.io Website: https://www.hashh.io
Supported Hikvision products
Network Camera
HASHh Automations is an IOT Company indulging in making Smart Home Products ranging from Smart Switches, Door Sensors, RGB Controllers, and so on. The idea is t... More

HiTech LLC
Tel:89451375995 E-mail: Website: https://hi-tech.org/
Supported Hikvision products
Thermal Camera;Access Control
“HiTech” provides a full range of services for complex company digitalization, including the IT architecture development, horizontal and vertical integration of... More

Horizonte AS
Tel:004792881095 E-mail: Website: www.horizonte.as
Supported Hikvision products
Software Development company and System Integrator for Vessel Traffic Systems for real-time monitoring of maritime vessel traffic. We utilize sensors such as A... More

Tel:8106783300 E-mail: Website: https://ideeo.io
Supported Hikvision products
Thermal Camera;Alarm
We created our company with the idea of offering some of the highest quality and most reliable IT solutions you can find online. From creating the best UI and U... More

I-home s.r.o.
Tel:608477647 E-mail: Website: www.i-home.cz
Supported Hikvision products
Network Camera;Network Video Recorder;Access Control;Video Intercom;Enterprise Network Storage;Alarm