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Sensivic Sound Detection Solution

Provided by SENSIVIC S.A.S, 2021-01-28

This solution has not been fully tested with dedicated Hikvision products, please contact this partner for further information.

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Solution Description

Video image is and always will be the key to security management. However, the accurate interpretation of images will rely increasingly on other data sources to add vital information to video for better interpretation of live alerts. Sound is a fundamental source of data for use in security: it is the primary warning signal and is omnidirectional, whereas cameras can only see what they are looking at. By associating SENSIVIC sound devices and the best cameras on the market this provides operators with increased senses for greater real time management of security.

Key Features

Indoor or outdoor detectors

Directional or non directional

Detection type: explosions, gunshots, collisions, vandalism, use of cutting or drilling power tools, window breakages, verbal aggression, panic shouts or screams

Automatic direction of PTZ cameras

User Benefits
  • Automates and speeds up camera PTZ
  • Identifies sound type to the security operator
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Compatible with VMS and PSIM systems for event handling
Solution Details


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Supported Hikvision product models and related firmware versions

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Product Languages

English, French


Banking & Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Government, City Surveillance, Commercial, Manufacturing & Industrial, Public Transportation, Residential, Prisons, Judiciary, Police


Europe, Middle East & North Africa

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Brief sentence about solution

Providing sound detection significantly improves camera capability and therefore better security management in real–time . Similar to having a human that reacts to a sound and turns their head, SENSIVIC and Hikvision improve the entire security system by drawing the attention of cameras to where and when an abnormal sound event occurs.

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SENSIVIC is a French company created in 2015. SENSIVIC has created a self-learning A.I. mimicking the sense of hearing. Hearing is the primal sense of alert. With SENSIVIC detectors, any video surveillance system can now be alerted in real time.

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