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Scylla Object Detection

Scylla Object Detection identifies and detects a wide variety of objects, including firearms, suspicious objects and personal protective equipment.

Solution Type: Video Analytics
Targeted Industries: Banking & Finance | Retail | Healthcare | Government | City Surveillance | Energy & Mining | Manufacturing & Industrial | Sports & Entertainment | Infrastructure | General | Police | Marine
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Solution Description

Scylla Object Detection makes our security infrastructure proactive, instead of reactive, in real-time. It identifies and detects suspicious objects, firearms (e.g. rifles, shotguns, guns) and personal protective equipment (e.g. helmets, goggles). It also works for humans and vehicles. As Scylla observes your video stream, once a suspicious object is detected and identified, an alert will be raised and escalated to your security staff. The dashboard will open showing statistical metrics enhancing intelligence on the current threat.

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User Benefits

  • Proprietary object detection and classification engine
  • Centralized control
  • A wide variety of objects supported
  • Flexible alerting system

Key Features

  • Weapon detection
  • Suspicious objects detection
  • Personal protective equipment detection
  • Identifies and detects humans and vehicles as well

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility



Thermal Camera






Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Scylla Object Detection (SKU: Protective Threat Detection)

Supported Firmware of Partner Products: NA

Supported Hikvision Product Models: NA

Integration Protocol: SDK, ISAPI, ONVIF


Regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Oceania

Languages: English

About Scylla

Scylla is the world’s best real-time threat detection system. Our mission is to empower the private security industry with next-gen AI solutions, such as smart object detection, thermal screening, intrusion detection, behavior recognition, and more.