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Teknim Mosaic – Fire Alarm Integration with Hikvision HikCentral VMS

Teknim Fire Alarm Systems Integration with Hikvision Devices Through Teknim Mosaic Software and HikCentral VMS

Solution Type: ARC (Alarm Receiving Center), Fire & Life Safety Systems, Alarm Systems
Targeted Industries: Banking and Finance | Retail | Education | Government Facilities | Data Centers | Manufacturing and Industrial | Logistics | General
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Solution Description

Teknim Mosaic and Hikvision HikCentral systems enable a fully manageable fire security solution in buildings and facilities for everyone.


Users or system operators monitor and manage all their fire alarm systems as well as other security systems such as CCTV, intercom and access control products.


In the event of a fire alarm or fault condition in the facilities or buildings, the system operator or users will be able to pinpoint and simultaneously view the alarm location(s) of the device(s) causing the fire alarm and any system events through fire alarm panels.


All authorized users or operators added in the system will receive the desired camera live broadcast from the location of the camera(s) in case of fire and can also intervene instantly by monitoring the alarm incoming area on the map provided by HikCentral.


If desired, the re-start, sounder silence, buzzer silence and evacuation commands can be sent simultaneously to all panels.


With the soft-repeater panel feature, all these operations can be applied simultaneously though any computer(s) for the monitored facility or building.


If desired, all operations can be applied by mobile application as well.

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User Benefits

  • Transmission of address-based events to the HikCentral platform, including all peripheral units of Teknim addressable fire alarm panels
  • Easy configuration of fire alarm panels by Teknim Mosaic Local software
  • Instant traceability of all AFW events of Teknim addressable fire alarm panels on Teknim Mosaic Local and Hikvision HikCentral platforms

Key Features

  • Easy integration between two systems
  • Transferring AFWs of Teknim fire alarm panels to HikCentral
  • Integration via BACnet

Solution Architecture

With this integration, Teknim fire alarm panels can be easily connected and monitored in HikCentral platform via BACnet. CCTV operations such as live view, playback, and event notifications are directly managed in HikCentral.

Hikvision Product Compatibility






Technical Details

Partner Product Name: TEKNIM MOSAIC

Partner Product Version: V4.0.0

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: HikCentral Professional (V2.5.2)

Integration Protocol: BACnet


Regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish, Portuguese

About Bilgi Elektronik

The history of "TEKNIM and its affiliate BILGI ELEKTRONIK" actually is the history of Turkish Electronic Security industry to a certain extent.
TEKNIM has been carrying on its existence in the said sector since 2003 as the brand name of the first Burglar Alarm Systems in Turkiye, which have been uniquely designed by the R&D Department established within the body of BILGI ELEKTRONIK. in 2002.