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Veesion Run

The AI-based Veesion Run software detects shoplifting in real time and alerts staff on-site for immediate action

Solution Type: Retail Management Platform
Targeted Industries: Retail
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Solution Description

Veesion bolts on to the video system, and analyzes in real time the video to identify suspicious behavior (based on gestures that are typically associated with shoplifting). The algorithm learns and increases accuracy over time. Once suspicious behavior is detected, on-site staff is alerted with text message including small video clip.
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User Benefits

  • Fast response: Your employees communicate and make their move before the suspect leaves
  • Easy to work with: Enables employees to take action from anywhere

Key Features

  • Detection of gestures associated with shoplifting
  • Mobile and desktop notifications
  • Historical videos and easy sharing
  • Monitoring of actions taken by your employees

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility




Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Veesion Run

Partner Product Version: -

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: Any version

Integration Protocol: Other, ISAPI


Regions: Europe

Languages: English, French

About Veesion

Shoplifting detection technology based on video deep learning. We integrate with Hikvision CCTV systems in retail stores.

Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in this solution.

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