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OTAi Wireless Solution

OTAi provides high performance, carrier grade, long-range wired and wireless communication equipment

Solution Type: VMS
Targeted Industries: Banking and Finance | Retail | Healthcare | Education | Government Facilities | Safe City | Commercial | Data Centers | Utilities, Energy and Mining | Manufacturing and Industrial | Public Transport | Residential | Sport and Leisure | Traffic Management | Logistics | General
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Solution Description

Combining advance algorithm and Firmware with Premium quality high gain antenna to ensures < 3ms latency & high TCP/IP Throughput even at Long Distance & over Water body. Advanced network features include VLAN tagging, Firewall, NAT, QoS and BW management. Advanced routing offers operating modes like gateway/BGP/RIP2 & OSLR. (PPTP, L2TP) PPPoE server/Client & STATIC IP routing options. • P-P, P-MP & Any point to Any point deployment • OFDM MIMO/AC Technologies (802.11abgn/AC) • Op. Freq.: 2.4/5.1-5.9/4.9-6.1 GHz • Adjustable High TX Power. • Up to 256 bit ultra secure encryption. • Upto 20 km with Int. antenna • Upto 100 km with Ext. antenna • HD Quality Video : Full Scale QoS with traffic shaping presets ensure HD- Quality video from mobile/fixed surveillance camera to monitors/recording systems can be easily transported over wireless network on real-time basis upto 30 FPS. • Up to 90 Cameras over P-P Link • PoE Uplink + Managed PoE Ports for CCTV. • Dedicated Products for C
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User Benefits

  • Better performance through industry low latency
  • Tailored solutions to meet exact project requirements
  • High TCP IP Throughput even at long distance and water body

Key Features

  • Pre WIMAX capabilities ensures 30% less link overheads
  • Jumbo packetizing ensures MPLS quality wireless with no packet loss / packet repetition
  • SUPER channel switching makes wireless link impervious to frequency interference

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility



Thermal Camera





Access Control

Video Intercom


Transmission & Display

Enterprise Network Storage



Technical Details

Partner Product Name: OTAi Wireless Pluto, Skymax, Airmax and O5 Series


Regions: Europe, Africa, Middle East & North Africa, Asia

Languages: English


OTAI is UAE based, TRA approved manufacturer of Scalable and Reliable, High-performance Carrier-grade long-range Wireless equipment to provide Cost-effective Outdoor Surveillance project solutions for transporting Voice, Data and Video.

Website: WWW.OTAI.AE
Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in this solution.