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Serket Livestock Health Management

Purpose-built computer vision powered by AI for livestock health management

Solution Type: Health Monitoring Platform, Cloud Hosted Storage
Targeted Industries: General
Hikvision Verified
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Solution Description

Our unique key difference, as compared to other livestock management systems: we leverage partnership with security cameras integrators. We are the first and only platform able to monitor pig health and behaviour using standard security camera images and not expensive dedicated hardware. This also allows us to adopt a strikingly lower price point than competitors, enabling us to target big and small farms.

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User Benefits

  • Detect sick animals, tailoring the use of antibiotics and reducing the risk of epidemic spread
  • Isolate aggressive animals, reducing biting and improving animal welfare (complying with EU directives)
  • Gather performance analysis and provide suggestions on how to optimize livestock management (e.g. feeding routine and amount)
  • Precision management of operations and operational efficiencies including labor and profit optimization

Key Features

  • Leveraging deep learning technologies for multi-object tracking and segmentation. Our A.I. algorithm analyzes camera streams to detect anomalies and behavioral patterns.
  • Animal tracking using standard security cameras to track pigs 24/7 with alerts to provide timely feedback is given to farmers. Based on the detected anomalies, our algorithm provides actionable insights to farmers.
  • Task management, Labor and farm productivity has never been more critical. Our platform can help you to send the right team member at the right time before a problem gets out of control.
  • Farm reporting, make quick and informed decisions using ready-to-use custom reports.
  • Business performance, Farm dashboard integrated system provides analyzed data points from multiple sources to help you improve farm operations.

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility


Technical Details

Partner Product Name: PIGUARD

Partner Product Version: All versions

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: All Hikvision cameras (/)

Integration Protocol: Other


Regions: Asia, Europe

Languages: English, Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch

About Serket B.V.

Founded in 2016, Serket is a global livestock health management business developing an innovative livestock monitoring solution to help pig producers improve the way they check on the welfare of their livestock, thereby solving severe human labor shortages on farms.

Inspired by the hardworking farmers who feed the world, Serket is an award-winning technology company that is developing a sensor-free artificial intelligence that uses camera vision to enhance farm operations in real-time.

Our goal is to help the livestock management process by optimizing labor, reducing antibiotics use, promoting individual animal health, and improve day-to-day operational challenges.

Our mission is to make agriculture a more natural and engaging industry for generations to come and help feed our future.

Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in this solution.