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Train UVSS Detection and Inspection Solution

Train UVSS system for capturing linear images of the train under carriage and on-the-fly inspection on the workstation

Solution Type: VMS, Traffic Management Platform, Video Analytics
Targeted Industries: Logistics | Manufacturing and Industrial | Public Transport
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Solution Description

Train UVSS systems is a specialized solution for capturing linear images of the train under carriage and on-the-fly inspection on the workstation. The camera is mounted between tracks with a motorized protective cover which closes automatically when system is not in use. Trains with speed up to 70 km/h can be captured in any lighting conditions.

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User Benefits

  • Foreign object inspection on train undercarriage enhances safety guarantee
  • Threat detection (illegal object or person)
  • Image archive of the train composition
  • Extreme improvement in inspection efficiency as opposed to manual visual checks by guards
  • 24/7 all-weather operation

Key Features

  • Linearized image capture up to 70 km/h in all lighting conditions
  • Client application for efficient overview of large linear images with zooming capabilities and quick navigation
  • Carriage detection with rapid navigation between train sections
  • Motorized protective cover which deploys automatically when system is not in use

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility


Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Traffic video detection

Partner Product Version: TBD

Hivision Product Models and Firmware Versions: HikRobotics GIGE Cameras; latest version

Integration Protocol: Other


Regions: Asia, Middle East & North Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America

Languages: English, German

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