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The i-spi by Netcelero – Transforms any Internet Connection into a Secure CCTV Communication Path

Simplifies secure connectivity – an instant public IP and 4 port forwards even on any SIM

Solution Type: ARC (Alarm Receiving Center)
Targeted Industries: Retail | Residential | Utilities, Energy and Mining | Manufacturing and Industrial | Commercial
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Solution Description

The i-spi is unlike traditional connectivity options like roaming SIMs or private APNs. It's a truly agnostic system working on DSL, fibre, 4G/5G networks, and even Starlink. The static IP and 4 port forwards offer a smart solution for immediate access to cameras. The port forwards are always under your control, giving you the power to configure and implement instantly without waiting for vendor support. Our software will then automatically test and validate them. Now, the Client and ARC can always communicate with the on-site cameras and NVRs without any modification to on-site firewalls or routers.
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User Benefits

  • No need for costly, unreliable, complicated workarounds as our product provides public IPV4 address + 4 port forwards
  • Full integration with monitoring software ensures camera and issue-specific alerts sent directly to the ARC
  • Country-specific data center connectivity ensures low latency for crystal clear HD footage, even over 4G
  • Superior speeds transforming 4G/5G netowrks or Starlink into reliable, fast connectivity thanks to the static IP
  • On-board VPN server lets you also connect securely over an end-to-end encrypted VPN

Key Features

  • Public IP with four NAT ports to internal device – easily configured, under your control
  • Any internet connection, any hardware – compatible, plug-and-play deployment providing instant secure connectivity
  • Smart software automatically tests and validates any port forwards immediately after they are configured
  • Full integration of alarms sending to ARCs, with leading monitoring software like Sentinel & IMMIX
  • Global platform and applicability with scalable visibility to manage multiple sites remotely and securely

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility



Thermal Camera



Technical Details

Partner Product Name: The i-spi by Netcelero

Partner Product Version: i-spi (n500) and i-ctrl (N3000)

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: All products that have an IP address and clients wish to access remotely.

Integration Protocol: Other


Regions: Europe, North America

Languages: English, German

About Netcelero

Netcelero develops smart software solutions that simplify secure connectivity for remote CCTV monitoring. The i-spi ensures your communications from path to site; it is secure and always available, over any internet connection – even a 4G/5G SIM. The nifty, affordable device provides you with a public IPV4 address (on any SIM) and 4 port forwards – all of which are easily configured through your Netcelero Analytics portal and are under in your control. A trusted provider of connectivity throughout the USA, Asia, and Northern Europe, cybersecurity is at the heart of Netcelero’s continuous innovation and our solutions run parallel to existing networks, keeping them securely connected, always optimized, and always on.