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Precise, customisable and weather resistant intrusion detection

Solution Type: Independent Hardware Vendor , Alarm Systems, Video Analytics
Targeted Industries: Healthcare | Residential | Retail | Logistics | Commercial | General
Hikvision Verified
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Solution Description

The REDWALL SIP outdoor sensors provide long range volumetric detection for wide open areas up to 50x30m and long alleyways up to 100mx3m. Designed to work in conjunction with a CCTV system, they detect, track intruders across detection zones and guide cameras to visually verify the alarm activation. Not affected by variable lighting, nor weather changes, the SIP sensors provide a very reliable trigger to event-based systems. The SIP-IP-Box models are PoE compliant, and IP connected models. OPTEX® sensors are natively fully integrated with Hikvision NVR's (see models) in order to associate alarm triggers from REDSCAN and REDWALL devices with automated camera PTZ and recording. This simplifies the deployment and daily management of installations so that all events coming from the intruder, perimeter or video surveillance can be centralised easily.

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User Benefits

  • Detects over a wide open area 30x20m,40x10, 50x30m and 100x3m
  • Very reliable and consistent catch performance day and night and with any lighting conditions
  • Enhance video surveillance systems by triggering accurate detection events and camera pre-sets
  • Ideal for commercial applications and site surveillance

Key Features

  • Automatic temperature, light and sensitivity adjustment to adapt to ambient temperature and environment
  • Vandal resistant with polycarbonate housing, an accelerometer and an active infrared antimasking
  • Models featuring an independent creep zone sensor to detect intrusion in the area under the sensor
  • Device monitoring and combi codes (change camera pre-set if intruders are in two zones)

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility


Technical Details

Partner Product Name: REDWALL SIP-IP PIRs

Partner Product Version: SIP-IP-BOX (PiE-1 version 1.2)

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: Baseline NVR sofwtare version (onwards)

Integration Protocol: Other


Regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East & North Africa

Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese

About Optex

OPTEX®, founded in 1979 in Japan, is a leading sensor manufacturer providing high performance detection and video analytics systems for security, safety and business applications. For security applications, OPTEX offers a multi-layered approach to intrusion detection protecting the perimeter, infield, building, roofs, and critical assets using a range of sensing technologies including passive and active infrared, LiDAR and fibre optics. Unaffected by variable lighting and most weather conditions, OPTEX sensors provide extremely reliable detection, designed to integrate easily with any security system.

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