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Evercam – Time-lapse and Project Management Cameras

Video Analytics for the Construction Industry

Solution Type: Video Analytics
Targeted Industries: Manufacturing and Industrial
Hikvision Verified
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Solution Description

Customers need access to real-time project site data to guide their decision-making, as well as the ability to share information with key stakeholders clearly and effectively.


35% of construction professionals' time is spent on non-productive activities such as looking for project information, conflict resolution, and dealing with mistakes.


The Evercam Construction Analytics: Gate Report Solution utilizes video analytics and AI-based software to help construction leaders increase visibility, optimize operations, and enhance communication and collaboration. Integrated with Hikvision's IP Cameras, this video analytics solution leverages artificial intelligence to analyze the arrival and departure of vehicles at construction sites.

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User Benefits

  • Avoid disputes
  • Create better marketing content
  • Increase productivity

Key Features

  • Construction Site Video Analytics: Our Gate Report identifies all vehicles that enter & exit your site and provides you with an in-app & PDF report
  • Full Video Recording – Record high-resolution video of the construction site progress for the entire duration of your project
  • BIM Integration – Our BIM integration feature overlays your BIM model with real-time, high-resolution images of your project
  • Time-Lapse Videos for marketing material, internal communications, bid/tender submissions, project updates
  • X-Ray – This tool allows you to scan an image to compare completed work against the current status of the project. E.g.: view the interior of a building before the façade was installed

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility



Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Evercam Construction Cameras

Partner Product Version: All

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: All IPCs & NVRs

Integration Protocol: ISAPI, ONVIF, Hik-DeviceGateway


Regions: Middle East & North Africa, Oceania, Asia, Europe, North America

Languages: English

About Evercam Ltd.

Evercam is a provider of construction site camera software that is used for project management, marketing and dispute avoidance. Since 2010, Evercam has worked with some of the biggest construction companies globally to develop a solution that solves real problems on construction sites each day.
Through the use of artificial intelligence, Evercam's software can now provide video analytics that tracks the movement of vehicles on a construction site, empowering users to have better control and visibility of what's happening on their site.