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Accur8vision Volumetric Detection System

Visualization of intruder's position in 3D map and automatic navigation of Hikvision cameras

Solution Type: VMS, ARC (Alarm Receiving Center), Traffic Management Platform, Alarm Systems
Targeted Industries: Safe City | Residential | Utilities, Energy and Mining | Manufacturing and Industrial | Logistics | Traffic Management
Hikvision Verified
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Solution Description

When an alarm occurs, the system informs the operator of the exact positions of the intruders. It visualizes them in a 3D map, draws trajectories of the intruders' movement and automatically pilots PTZ cameras to the location of the alarm event.

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User Benefits

  • Accur8vision guards the entire area, not just the perimeter lines.
  • The system supports 3D mapping. The maps are to scale and represent a replica of the real environment. The map serves for perfect operator orientation during an alarm and also as an internal coordination system that links the 3D lidar detector coordinate system with the PTZ camera system.
  • Zones are created in the 3D environment very easily, just by clicking on the map. Thanks to the accurate lidar detection with an accuracy of 2cm, the area of interest can be defined very precisely.
  • The system automatically pilots the rotating cameras to the detected targets. There is no need to manually rotate the cameras or recall presets.
  • The system can mark and further track friendly objects that do not trigger an alarm when entering the detection zone.

Key Features

  • Precise volumetric detection
  • Three-dimensional environment
  • Advanced planning and simulation tools using virtual reality
  • Automatic control of PTZ cameras
  • Accurate visualization of intruders on the map

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility


Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Accur8vision

Partner Product Version: Version 2022.1.1.0

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: DS-2DF8425IX-AEL(T5), DS-2TD4228-10/W…

Integration Protocol: ONVIF


Regions: Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East & North Africa, North America

Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Portuguese

About TACTICAWARE, s.r.o.

Tacticaware is the manufacturer of the Accur8vision volumetric detection system. Tacticaware is part of the Hexagon group.

Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in this solution.