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Natilon - Cloud Based Time-Lapse Platform

Connect your IP camera to our cloud and easily start your time-lapse project.

Solution Type: Construction Application, Video Analytics
Targeted Industries: Manufacturing and Industrial
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Solution Description

CCTV installers often receive requests for time-lapse footage from clients, but NVR and CCTV video recording is not a solution for these projects. Our time-lapse cloud allows installers to easily connect any IP camera and start creating time-lapse videos without any additional investment in hardware.


Hikvision's high quality IP cameras and reliable hardware, combined with Natilon's perfect time-lapse solution, will enhance the market presence and capabilities of CCTV installers.

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User Benefits

  • Natilon's user-friendly interface lets users manage and create long-term time-lapse projects without any technical knowledge.
  • If a client has an IP camera already online, he can start immediately creating time-lapse videos for free without any investment.
  • Thanks to our cloud based platform, CCTV installers can arrange demos without any additional hardware, without visiting the customer's site, and without any cost.
  • Our solution gives CCTV installers the ability to create a subscription-based income from existing clients' cameras. This also gives the installer a new opportunity to keep in touch with their client.
  • Our solution gives the customer a chance to make a second sale to same client.

Key Features

  • Cloud based time-lapse solution for any Hikvision IP cameras
  • Different view modes: time-line, list, map
  • Access from any device (iOS, Android, MacOs, Windows, Linux)
  • Manage multiple time-lapse video projects, cameras and users - On demand up to 8K
  • Pinch to zoom, comparison, sync zoom features

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility





Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Natilon Time Lapse Cloud

Partner Product Version: N/A

Integration Protocol: ONVIF, Other


Regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Oceania

Languages: English, Turkish

About Natilon

Natilon was established in 2012 to be a company that offers quality, value-added, and high-tech products and services to its customers.

Natilon offers a cloud-based time-lapse solution for IP camera users. Simply, If you have an online IP camera, we can connect it to our cloud and you can immediately start to take timelapse photos and create timelapse videos on the cloud. Our system is super easy to use, create and share time-lapse videos with minimal setup and technical knowledge. You can manage multiple construction sıtes, multiple cameras and users with the same interface.

Our cloud based service can be used anywhere in the world.