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Videtics offers a software suite that enables real-time analysis of protected areas, decision making and post-investigation using existing IP cameras on your site. Our solutions can be deployed very easily after transfer of knowledge to our partners, distributors and installers.

Solution Type: Video Analytics
Targeted Industries: Safe City | Commercial | Retail | Traffic Management | Logistics
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Solution Description

Videtics aims to spread the use of Artificial Intelligence on video analytics to help design the future cities and the way they work. We believe that we have a role to play in the orientation the use of technology will take, and show that well intentioned start ups might just be an important part of the answer to current global problems.
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User Benefits

  • Detection of people or vehicles
  • Zone management, Social Distancing & People Counting
  • Activity Heatmaps
  • Used for city security monitoring

Key Features

  • Secure - only meta data is transmitted
  • Economic - functions with existing video infrastructure
  • Compatible - thermal, PTZ or video Hikvision cameras
  • Low latency & low power
  • Accelerated Deep Learning

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility



Thermal Camera

Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Videtics

Integration Protocol: ISAPI, ONVIF


Regions: Europe, Asia, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Africa

Languages: English, French


Videtics offers a Deep Learning video processing solution designed by security professionals available and deployable on multiple platforms according to business needs:
• Mini IoT analysis servers
• Analysis severs up to 210 streams