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Foxstream Embedded Thermal Analytic Solution: FoxIntruder

FoxIntruder, Hikvision Thermal HEOP solution

Solution Type: Video Analytics
Targeted Industries: Government Facilities | Safe City | Manufacturing and Industrial
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Solution Description

Intrusion Detection Analytics is generally about power, reliability, resilience and accuracy. It is thus difficult to imagine that this complex solution can hold within a camera with such simplicity. FoxIntruder is an edge-based solution, embedded inside HIKVISION professional thermal surveillance cameras. You simply need to type in the camera’s IP address in your browser to access the dedicated UI. The dedicated interface allows realtime visualization, alarm and video playback, and quick and simple configuration. This leads to a reliable & precise exterior intrusion detection solution, with minimal false alarm rate and integration with industry leading VMS platforms.
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User Benefits

  • Its a proven Solution: FoxIntruder is a tried and tested solution which contains the same detection analysis than FoxVigi or FoxBox.

Key Features

  • RealTime visualization and alarm & video playback
  • Minimal false alarm rate
  • Integration with industry leading VMS platforms and Central Station Receivers
  • Quick and simple configuration, and intuitive use
  • An API for integration with other systems

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility

Thermal Camera

Technical Details

Partner Product Name: FoxIntruder

Partner Product Version: 1.1.3

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: DS-2TD2137/VP

Integration Protocol: HEOP


Regions: Africa, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, North America

Languages: English, French

About Foxstream

Foxstream is a software company offering real-time automated VCA solutions. Our security solutions detect all types of perimeter intrusion in outdoor settings while eliminating false alarms. This real-time information allows immediate doubt removal.