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Mobile Security Boxes are used for the protection of unmanned sites and temporary installations The Mobile Security Box has a built-in, six-meter extendable mast with a mast top pre-fitted with a dual bracket for cameras. Four steel cables to the masthead reduce camera vibration which causes fals...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022

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TelescopicMast BV

For over 20 years MA2 has been deploying VXCore at safe city projects in France. Our solution provides local law enforcement with a complete video security management suite of applications that enable them to monitor and record their streets 24/7. VXCore uses a highly stable Linux based server fo...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022


Unlike some VMS products that only support ONVIF, Camtrace VMS integrates natively with Hikvision systems so that it can support the deepest level of integration. This enables Camtrace VMS to manage a large number of video streams, camera PTZ, recording, playback, motion or AI alarm management as...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022

Camtrace SAS

We couldn't find the ideal VMS for quick and easy video based security - so we built one. Seek-One simplifies video based security management and makes it accessible for everyone : easy to set up, understand and use, Seek-One quickly integrates with CCTV and audio devices for display on a clear and...

Updated on Sept 15, 2022

We secure your site or location for early detection of suspicious situations with our high-quality, advanced Unit For Observation (UFO) surveillance cameras. Each camera has a siren and speaker to deter intruders which prevent most incidents. Our alarm receiving and monitoring centre takes care of c...

Updated on Jul 21, 2022
ARC (Alarm Receiving Center), Independent Hardware Vendor , Video Analytics ISAPI
Kooi Trading BV

The ALTAROAD platform is completed by a mobile and dynamic weighing system that we supply, TopTrack. Coupled with a camera, our solution optimises delivery loads, saves time, costs and personnel.

Updated on Jul 21, 2022
Video Analytics, Independent Hardware Vendor ISAPI

Our solution features intelligent traffic monitoring through 3D detection of pedestrians and vehicles with their complete identification by reading number plates, classifying them into categories, identifying the model and make and characterising their motion by estimating their speed and the lane t...

Updated on Mar 10, 2022
Video Analytics, Traffic Management Platform, Vehicle Tracking System ONVIF
A.I. Tech

Videosoft develop solutions for adaptive compression and secure real-time transmission of video, whether they use cable ethernet or wireless networks such as satellite and cellular. Our technology secures the network, masks device IP and MAC addresses and makes video streaming much more efficient u...

Updated on Mar 3, 2022
Cloud VSaaS, Independent Hardware Vendor , VMS ISAPI, ONVIF

The Smart Camera Box connects any IP Hikvision camera with the video server. The all-in-one device saves time during planning and installation. The integrated mounting adapter for wall and mast mounting makes installation much easier and quicker. Numerous management and monitoring functions ensure r...

Updated on Feb 18, 2022
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Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

We make hikvision speed check point using TCV300 camera can show speed car / license plate / color car / brand car and license plate support thai langue.

Updated on Feb 18, 2022
Vehicle Tracking System, Traffic Management Platform HCNetSDK, ISAPI
Digital Fusion Company
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