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Wayleadr syncs with HikVision ANPR cameras to digitise the parking experience, ensuring only valid bookings can access the car park. The customers register Hikvision's ANPR server information on Wayleadr's platform, and once properly registered, we will post all the booking information like name, ve...

Parking Management & Entrance Control System ISAPI

Our solutions are aimed to be deployed to aid multiple verticals suffering with issues such as staff & customer safety, shrinkage, identification of staff, guests & customers, ANPR plus more. FaiceTech’s solutions are currently aiding retailers with shoplifters and staff abusers, distribution with ...

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FaiceTech Ltd

Extreme scalability and performance – The software allows an unlimited amount of VMS Servers and an unlimited of cameras per server in one centrally managed network domain (possible to configure an unlimited number of network domains) Modularity helps when needs change – The user can access addit...


ANPR camera and Linux embedded board are connected, and information processing is processed primarily in embedded. The processed information is sent to the server, and the server sends notifications and text messages from individuals according to the scenario.

Parking Management & Entrance Control System ISAPI

The Smart Camera Box connects any IP Hikvision camera with the video server. The all-in-one device saves time during planning and installation. The integrated mounting adapter for wall and mast mounting makes installation much easier and quicker. Numerous management and monitoring functions ensure r...

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Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

Using sophisticated AI techniques, Portal for Cars automatically films and records a visual HD log of all vehicles as they enter or exit a site via a secure IT system. We partner with Hikvision for HD ANPR cameras as well as UVSS scanners to provide a photographic and data record for the outside as...

Parking Management & Entrance Control System, Video Analytics, ERP, VMS ISAPI

Remote environments are often subject to antisocial behaviour like illegal waste dumping or fire risk but do not have the power or ethernet infrastructure for standard CCTV installations. VDSYS provides autonomous and nomadic camera solutions for installation in rural and remote locations, even in ...

Independent Hardware Vendor , VMS ISAPI, ONVIF

Wattway panels are deployed on road surfaces, foot or bicycle paths to provide electricity at rural sites to power Hikvision security cameras, as well as other roadside devices. - Each panel is made up of conventional photovoltaic cells which transform solar energy into electricity.

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Wattway by Colas

UNIFIED MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Observe the status of your physical or human sensors. Orient yourself thru the 3D map of your site to analyse and understand your alarms. Decide of the best method to deal with the situation with guidance from our AI that comes from the experience of thousands incidents...

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ActivityDetection is a full featured embedded video analytics solution allowing multiple simultaneous scenarios detections from intrusion in an area, crossing of one or several virtual lines and deposit or withdrawal of objects in a zone. Each scenario can be configured for people, vehicles or user-...

Video Analytics HCNetSDK, ISAPI, HEOP, Ot...
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