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Any system or device can be connected as a data source to WYS Platform which automatically receives the provided data. Platform's intelligent engine processes the data, and the two-way connection allows the data to be sent back. The refined data is utilized in decisions, creating situation awareness...

VMS, Video Analytics ISAPI
Web Your Services Ltd.

The REDWALL SIP outdoor sensors provide long range volumetric detection for wide open areas up to 50x30m and long alleyways up to 100mx3m. Designed to work in conjunction with a CCTV system, they detect, track intruders across detection zones and guide cameras to visually verify the alarm activation...

Independent Hardware Vendor Others

OPTEX REDSCAN series are LIDARs sensors providing extremely accurate and precise detection, indoor and outdoor, detecting different types of targets, vehicles, a person walking, running, crouching or even crawling or object being thrown (indoor). They create either a virtual wall, ideal to protect p...

Independent Hardware Vendor Others

Anavid shoplifting connects to the video system using RTSP and analyses the footage in real time to detect suspicious behaviour that attempts to conceal a product item inside clothing, baby buggies or pushchairs, or baggage. When an event is detected by our algorithms, on-site personnel are alerted ...

Retail Management Platform, Video Analytics Others

We secure your site or location for early detection of suspicious situations with our high-quality, advanced Unit For Observation (UFO) surveillance cameras. Each camera has a siren and speaker to deter intruders which prevent most incidents. Our alarm receiving and monitoring centre takes care of c...

ARC (Alarm Receiving Center), Independent Hardware Vendor , Video Analytics ISAPI
Kooi Trading BV

Incedo PRO is a scalable integrated access control solutions, adapted to the ever-growing needs through open interfaces without compromising security. With the solution we can manage cameras through NVRs in the access control system related the access control events. The software also can transfer e...

Access Control Platform, Time & Attendence, Parking Management & Entrance Control System HCNetSDK, ISAPI
ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Hungary Kft.

What is more important to retailers, loss prevention or more business intelligence about their clients? With Anavid Shop Analytics you don't have to choose as we can provide retailers with both. Our business intelligence tools help retailers to understand more about what goes on in their stores wit...

Retail Management Platform, Video Analytics Others

Oxania Retail Solutions integrates with Hikvision devices using RTSP to provide a multiplatform retail theft management application for use on Smartphones, Tablets, Browsers and on Cash Registers for real time anti theft detection at the touch of your fingertips. Our affordable solutions provide ...

Retail Management Platform Others

The i-spi is unlike traditional connectivity options like roaming SIMs or private APNs. It's a truly agnostic system working on DSL, fibre, 4G/5G networks, and even Starlink. The static IP and 4 port forwards offer a smart solution for immediate access to cameras. The port forwards are always under ...

ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) Others

The ALTAROAD platform is completed by a mobile and dynamic weighing system that we supply, TopTrack. Coupled with a camera, our solution optimises delivery loads, saves time, costs and personnel.

Video Analytics, Independent Hardware Vendor ISAPI