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It focuses on creating a holistic view of a situation, which enables a fast and targeted response to minimize the incident response. This is possible by centralizing, integrating, and organizing all core physical security systems and sensors in a video-centric interface. This leads to an improved si...


Hakoo is a new and disruptive technological platform based on mobilising security camera integration and management combined with our innovative AI and flexible monitoring model. We enable customers to elevate their security monitoring when and where they want it.

Quietglobe HAKOO

Recas Connect is a cloud based integration solution for monitoring that you can connect to from anywhere and on any device.


ParkingDetection system monitors the actual occupancy of a parking lot, provides its managers with valuable information and navigates drivers all the way to an empty parking spot. ParkingDetection uses camera's views with advanced artificial intelligence for monitoring of parking lots. Our solution ...

Video Analytics Others

Sentinel provides all the services needed to help alarm and video monitoring service providers on a single platform. Sentinel comes with a wide range of tailor-made features for system providers, such as mobile interfaces, configurable alarms screens, an automatic alarm dispatch, graphical performan...

ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) Hik-ProConnect OpenAPI (H...
Monitor Computer Systems Ltd.

Segware SIGMA Cloud and Segware Access are a cloud-based CMS solution to manage the whole operation of a Central Station. With powerful features and a whole suite of modules with smartphone apps and business intelligence solution, you central station will be totally supported with the platform that ...

Segware do Brasil

Scylla Behavior Recognition system allows security professionals to detect and identify a wide range of anomalous events and disruptive threats in real-time. Scylla Anomaly Detection and Behavior Recognition can detect incidents and events from your security cameras creating a proactive and predicti...

Video Analytics HCNetSDK, ISAPI, ONVIF

Scylla Object Detection makes our security infrastructure proactive, instead of reactive, in real-time. It identifies and detects suspicious objects, firearms (e.g. rifles, shotguns, guns) and personal protective equipment (e.g. helmets, goggles). It also works for humans and vehicles. As Scylla o...

Video Analytics HCNetSDK, ISAPI, ONVIF

Scylla IDS uses artificial intelligence to analyze data coming from cameras, allowing users to define the object of interest and the zone of intrusion. Once the frame is received, our software runs it through our AI engine to check whether it contains a human or not. With our smart AI behind the sof...

Video Analytics HCNetSDK, ISAPI, ONVIF

ST37 develops innovative solutions and tools to help sports people increase their performance from regular training as well as assist sports judges and refereeing decisions during matches or competitions. - Our system is a powerful tool that interprets actions and brings real time information. Thi...

Sports Application ISAPI
ST37 Sport et Technologie S.A.S