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IPCamLive is a cloud-based video broadcasting solution for IP cameras which helps you to embed live video into any web page. You only need a camera to broadcast your live stream to a web page with IPCamLive, there is no need for any additional PC or software to run. You can easily embed the live ...

Updated on Dec 30, 2022

The Automated Camera for SportsTM enables sports clubs to fully automate match recording. This can be used for live broadcasting, video analysis or for performance improvements. You simply install a specific Hikvision camera at the sports field centre line and you can then schedule unlimited matc...

Updated on Dec 19, 2022
Sports Application, Cloud VSaaS, Video Analytics ISAPI
Usportfor BV

eboo server has many functionalities allowing to identify a proof and to export it very simply. eboo server uses metadata from your cameras, intelligent video analysis modules, intrusion control panels and POS systems. Thus, it pr...

Updated on Dec 19, 2022
VMS, Cloud Hosted Storage ISAPI, ONVIF
eboo solutions

Sentinel provides all the services needed to help alarm and video monitoring service providers on a single platform. Sentinel comes with a wide range of tailor-made features for system providers, such as mobile interfaces, configurable alarms screens, an automatic alarm dispatch, graphical perfor...

Updated on Dec 8, 2022
ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) Hik-Partner Pro OpenAPI (...
Monitor Computer Systems Ltd.

When using a PACOM solution, the seamless integration between access control, alarm and video makes it evident that the system was designed to handle all aspects of a security system right from the very start. GMS is completely scalable expanding in line with increases in customer needs. Organiza...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
PSIM, Access Control Platform Other
Stanley Security Ltd

AEMI supplies its expertise and control & monitoring software to industrial sites where real time monitoring of fire and smoke detection are essential factors for security and safety. MyHyperView is dedicated to industrial applications and sites such as recycling and processing centres, land-...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
PSIM, Fire & Life Safety Systems ISAPI, HikCentral Profess...

Sentinel is a state of the art alarm handling software and is widely deployed at some of the biggest UK utility companies as well as local authorities and corporations for remote site management and lone worker protection. Alarm event handling needs to be efficient and effective so whether it'...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) HikCentral Professional O...
Monitor Computer Systems Ltd.

This is the plugin for Milestone XProtect VMS that enables operators to view bounding boxes, detection lines/zones and object trace in the XProtect Smart Client and to receive alarms from Hikvision CCTV and thermal cameras

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
Milestone Systems A/S

Studio Automated contributes to making sure 100% of all global sport matches can be broadcasted automatically. By delivering easy to integrate, scalable and high quality broadcasting software, based on AI deep learning technology. Plug, Play and Broadcast!

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
Sports Application ISAPI, ONVIF
Studio Automated

The ACT Enterprise Software provides all the functionality required to manage your ACTpro access control system and provides for up to 4,000 doors. The integration between the ACT Enterprise and Hikvision HikCentral Professional via Hikvision Optimus offers the ability to synchronize events, alar...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
Access Control Platform Hikvision Optimus
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