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Videtics aims to spread the use of Artificial Intelligence on video analytics to help design the future cities and the way they work. We believe that we have a role to play in the orientation the use of technology will take, and show that well intentioned start ups might just be an important part of...

Video Analytics ISAPI, ONVIF

The thermographic camera is able to measure the object temperature with high accuracy* in real time. It is able to detect people with a higher facial temperature in real time. It can be used in stationary locations such as hospitals, airports, offices, banks and schools. For fast and flexible deplo...

Video Analytics HCNetSDK
vi2vi GmbH

Creative Specific Software uses innovative technology to help senior citizens, their families and care centers meet new challenges in healthcare. The VA2CS system uses advanced artificial intelligence to alert caretakers during an emergency. Optical sensors from Hikvision are connected to sophistica...

Health Care Application Others, ISAPI
Creative Specific Software

Veesion bolts on to the video system, and analyzes in real time the video to identify suspicious behavior (based on gestures that are typically associated with shoplifting). The algorithm learns and increases accuracy over time. Once suspicious behavior is detected, on-site staff is alerted with tex...

Retail Management Platform Others, ISAPI

VISOR® is natively deeply integrated with Hikvision video sensors, camera systems, ANPR cameras for automated gate control and also Thermal cameras for remote temperature monitoring and mask detection: cardholders, with a high temperature and/or not wearing a mask, access can be automatically refuse...

Access Control Platform ISAPI
Vauban Systems

Since 2016 WESHOP has been providing NF525 certified touch screen point of sale solutions for retailers and restaurants that simplify and streamline business operations. We are now fully integrated with Hikvision cameras and NVR's so that all transaction data is recorded in real-time to increase sec...

Retail Management Platform ISAPI

Cityvision can identify and track real-time 7 types of mobilities on video streams coming from any urban camera (optical and thermal). The data automatically produced helps city implement initiatives for smoother, safer and greener mobility : Traffic statistics: (diagnosis and traffic studies), Dyna...

Video Analytics ISAPI

Yeastar IP PBX goes beyond being just another PBX. It provides SMEs with visualized call management, video communications, advanced call center features, unified communications applications, anywhere-anytime connectivity, and everything practical – yet outperforming across browsers, mobiles, and des...

Intercom Systems SIP
Yeastar Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Using sophisticated AI techniques, Portal for Cars automatically films and records a visual HD log of all vehicles as they enter or exit a site via a secure IT system. We partner with Hikvision for HD ANPR cameras as well as UVSS scanners to provide a photographic and data record for the outside as...

Parking Management & Entrance Control System, Video Analytics, ERP, VMS ISAPI

This software package is deployed for site security management alongside ACIE access control systems. It uses the concept digital twin for the physical devices that are deployed on site and provides a real time overview of the security systems and any events and incidents that take place.

PSIM, Access Control Platform, Building Management System ISAPI