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Nx Witness is a video surveillance software that is instantly usable, simple to install and maintain, and works exactly the way you expect. (Because you should get the VMS you deserve.)

Network Optix

Using sophisticated AI techniques, Portal for Cars automatically films and records a visual HD log of all vehicles as they enter or exit a site via a secure IT system. We partner with Hikvision for HD ANPR cameras as well as UVSS scanners to provide a photographic and data record for the outside as...

Parking Management & Entrance Control System, Video Analytics, ERP, VMS ISAPI

This software package is deployed for site security management alongside ACIE access control systems. It uses the concept digital twin for the physical devices that are deployed on site and provides a real time overview of the security systems and any events and incidents that take place.

Access Control Platform ISAPI

Remote environments are often subject to antisocial behaviour like illegal waste dumping or fire risk but do not have the power or ethernet infrastructure for standard CCTV installations. VDSYS provides autonomous and nomadic camera solutions for installation in rural and remote locations, even in ...

Independent Hardware Vendor , VMS ISAPI, ONVIF

Care providers receive hundreds of alarms during a shift. The overwhelming majority of the time, these alarms do not reflect what is going on, only which sensor triggered them. Meanwhile, when a client falls, they often lay on the floor for a long time without assistance. In some cases for multiple ...

Health Monitoring Platform, Health Care Application, Video Analytics ISAPI, HEOP
Kepler Vision Technologies

Wattway panels are deployed on road surfaces, foot or bicycle paths to provide electricity at rural sites to power Hikvision security cameras, as well as other roadside devices. - Each panel is made up of conventional photovoltaic cells which transform solar energy into electricity.

Independent Hardware Vendor , Traffic Management Platform Others
Wattway by Colas

XXII CORE is a software platform for real-time video stream analysis. XXII CORE can be easily deployed on existing video protection infrastructure. The algorithms alert operators in real time for rapid and optimal decision-making. The XXII CORE platform is a turnkey solution that sends alerts dire...

Video Analytics, Traffic Management Platform ISAPI

Our unique key difference, as compared to other livestock management systems: we leverage partnership with security cameras integrators. We are the first and only platform able to monitor pig health and behaviour using standard security camera images and not expensive dedicated hardware. This also ...

Health Monitoring Platform, Cloud Hosted Storage Others
Serket B.V.

Exotec provides complete warehouse automated logistics picking systems that comprise of shelving, robot arms, delivery and picking robots, storage trays and management software. Hikvision video systems are used to provide real time diagnostics within the logistics system, by sending them along the ...

Independent Hardware Vendor ISAPI

Since 2001, 2EI provides its Hydroweb SCADA solution for industrial automation project management.