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Liveshop is one of our AI modules to optimise retail efficiency. Retail space with empty shelves loses money for retailers and gives the shopper a negative image of their shopping experience. Our AI system uses in store CCTV cameras to monitor retail shelves and provides real-time stock level moni...

Retail Management Platform ISAPI

The Camcloud Direct-to-Cloud solution for Hikvision PCI series enables fast and seamless connection of the Hikvision PCI cameras to the Camcloud Video Cloud Surveillance system without the use of a bridge or any other additional hardware. Users benefit from the ability to store video up to 90 days o...

Camcloud Inc

Created in 2003, CASD is a French software company specialised in digital video protection solutions and has successfully established itself among the leaders in video management software on the French market with its the VisiMAX software suite. With its high-performance recording, graphic supervi...


Unlike some VMS products that only support ONVIF, Camtrace VMS integrates natively with Hikvision systems so that it can support the deepest level of integration. This enables Camtrace VMS to manage a large number of video streams, camera PTZ, recording, playback, motion or AI alarm management as w...

Camtrace SAS

We make hikvision speed check point by TCV300 camera can show speed car / license plate / color car / brand car and license plate support thai langue.

Building Management System HCNetSDK, ISAPI
Digital Fusion Company

PANGEA gives all HIKVision products and solutions a problem free and cyber secure installation, without the need to contact the customers IT department. With the PANGEA no port forwarding is needed. PANGEA has high speed 4G as redundancy with included E-SIM (roaming connection via 4G). 4 LAN ports...

Dualtech IT AB

Modern remote surveillance systems monitor and secure property and people by unifying heterogeneous sensors including intrusion alarms combined with video verification and audio but also fire detection, access control, people management (such as isolated workers), lift alarms, parking barriers, CC...

ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) ISAPI, HCNetSDK
ESI - European Systems Integration

Graffiti on public transport and in public spaces can create a negative images of the local environment and make users feel unsafe and even anxious. If graffiti is not removed then this can even encourage less respect for our amenities. At Elter we have developed a system to help public transport ...

Video Analytics ISAPI

Eagle Eye Networks is number one worldwide in delivering true cloud video surveillance and artificial intelligence to make businesses more efficient and the world a safer place – all on the only video management platform robust and flexible enough to power the future of video surveillance. Global ne...

Eagle Eye Networks, Inc.

You have come to the right place to get even more out of your Hikvision PCI 3 series Camera. With Eagle Eye Networks CameraManager you are now able to connect your camera securely and directly to the Cloud. Make use of all the benefits like remote viewing of video, cyber-secure Cloud Storage, share ...

Eagle Eye Networks, Inc.
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