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Hikvision's MIP plugin for Milestone XProtect VMS enables operators to search for target pictures from recorded videos via setting search filters in the XProtect Smart Client. For search results, you can view the details and related video of a captured picture, export search results, etc.


Updated on Aug 7, 2023

Nx Witness is a video security software that is instantly usable, simple to install and maintain, and works exactly the way you expect. 

Updated on Jun 16, 2023
Network Optix Inc

With over 35 years of proven intrusion expertise, Pyronix has a long and proud heritage as a forward-looking and dynamic organization; introducing cutting-edge products, integrations and systems into its security alarm portfolio.


Powered by Hikvision Optimus, the SIA DC-09 ...

Updated on Jun 6, 2023
Alarm Systems Hikvision Optimus

Cloudview is a cloud platform that enhances existing video surveillance systems, providing additional analytics and bespoke business intelligence where required.  


Our video data platform captures crisp HD visual data and securely stores it in the cloud. The platform i...

Updated on May 10, 2023
Cloud VSaaS, Cloud Hosted Storage, Video Analytics RTSP

Integration of Hikvision biometrics devices (fingerprint, badge, face recognition, etc.) with Rifl's LockToo Manager software for efficient time & attendance and access control.

The full integration can resolve crucial issues around Physical conta...

Updated on May 6, 2023
Access Control Platform, Visitor Management Platform , Time & Attendence, Fire & Life Safety Systems, Alarm Systems, Parking Management & Entrance Control System HCNetSDK

Wialon is the multifunctional telematics platform for GPS monitoring and IoT. The system is compatible with over 2,400 types of GPS tracking devices and is used by 2,200 service partner providers in more than 130 countries with more than 3 million units being tracked worldwide. The Wialon system fea...

Updated on May 4, 2023
Vehicle Tracking System Hik-DeviceGateway

PalmVein is currently the safest and best non-contact biometric procedure. No duplication of data maintenance - the master data is maintained in the Hikvison platform.

Use of the most modern procedures - identification, 2-factor authentication, template in the databa...

Updated on Apr 11, 2023
Access Control Platform ISAPI, OSDB

ScanWatch is a retail software which can be easily deployed with Hikvision cameras installed in the self-checkout area to identify scanned products.  With a single point of integration, the platform prevents item mislabeling and automates the selection of scanned products.

This solut...

Updated on Mar 23, 2023
Video Analytics ISAPI

CCTV installers often receive requests for time-lapse footage from clients, but NVR and CCTV video recording is not a solution for these projects. Our time-lapse cloud allows installers to easily connect any IP camera and start creating time-lapse videos without any additional investment in hardw...

Updated on Mar 21, 2023
Construction Application, Video Analytics ONVIF, Other


Customer uses multiple brands of CCTV systems across their premises. Video surveillance is highly manual and operators have to monitor multiple individual video management systems concurrently. Customer hopes to consolidate all video management system...

Updated on Mar 8, 2023
PSIM, Building Management System HikCentral Enterprise Ope...
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