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Integrating Uniclox with Hikvision biometric devices, we supply our clients with a biometric device that is both accurate as well as robust. The combination of Hikvision Biometric terminals and Uniclox Platinum Web-based Software creates a great time-management solution. Uniclox Time and Attendan...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
Access Control Platform, Cloud Hosted Storage, HRMS (Human Resource Management System), Visitor Management Platform , Time & Attendence ISAPI

Stepping up to provide the best solution to the latest security challenges, TDSi's GARDiS browser-based application provides the most cutting-edge software within the market.  


The integration between the TDSi's GARDiS Software and Hikvision HikCentral Professi...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
Access Control Platform Hikvision Optimus

Integration and unification provides retailers with the ability to reduce costs, spot wasted money, reduce retail theft and waste as well as streamline procedures - We have the experience and references from hundreds of retail stores in the UK and Europe where Entelec continues to improve busines...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
PSIM, Retail Management Platform HCNetSDK
Entelec Control Systems

For over 20 years MA2 has been deploying VXCore at safe city projects in France. Our solution provides local law enforcement with a complete video security management suite of applications that enable them to monitor and record their streets 24/7. VXCore uses a highly stable Linux based server fo...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022

Horse injuries and diseases such as colic, can come without warning and become fatal in a short period if not quickly spotted and treated. NOVOSTABLE, a leading edge development company based in Annecy, France, provides INTELLIGENT MONITORING and AI technologies for use in horse stables. 

Updated on Nov 24, 2022

Health Monitoring Platform, Cloud VSaaS, Agriculture/Farm Application ISAPI, HEOP

When an alarm occurs, the system informs the operator of the exact positions of the intruders. It visualizes them in a 3D map, draws trajectories of the intruders' movement and automatically pilots PTZ cameras to the location of the alarm event.

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
VMS, ARC (Alarm Receiving Center), Traffic Management Platform, Alarm Systems ONVIF

With its face, footfall and vehicle detection features, Quividi AMP is the most comprehensive and accurate solution to measure consumer engagement with DOOH & Retail Media, in all types of venues, outside, inside, and in-store. Brands use Quividi AMP to turn DOOH & Retail Media into a pow...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
Retail Management Platform Other

Control4 is a provider of automation and networking systems for homes and businesses, offering a personalized and unified smart home system to automate and control connected devices including lighting, audio, video, climate control, intercom, and security. The Hikvision driver for Control4 is dev...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
Home Automation Systems ISAPI, SIP
Chowmain Ltd

Unlike some VMS products that only support ONVIF, Camtrace VMS integrates natively with Hikvision systems so that it can support the deepest level of integration. This enables Camtrace VMS to manage a large number of video streams, camera PTZ, recording, playback, motion or AI alarm management as...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
Camtrace SAS

Customers need access to real-time project site data to guide their decision-making, as well as the ability to share information with key stakeholders clearly and effectively.


35% of construction professionals' time is spent on non-productive activities such as looking ...

Updated on Nov 24, 2022
Video Analytics ISAPI, ONVIF, Hik-DeviceG...
Evercam Ltd.
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