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EBÜS is a comprehensive solution to handle alarms from video systems of many different manufacturers in alarm receiving centers / monitoring stations. It supports not only IP cameras, but also digital video recorders (DVRs), network video recorders (NVRs), hybrid recorders (for analogue and digital...

Accellence Technologies GmbH

This integration provides the operator with system transparency and full control from both systems. Using either control clients, operators have complete situational awareness, receive any alarms generated by both systems, and can respond and control any further actions.

Access Control Platform SDK

The integration provides the operator with system transparency of the Galaxy Control Panels from within the HikCentral Control Client. Operators have complete situational awareness, receive any alarms generated by the panels can respond with any further actions.

Access Control Platform SDK

Provide a source device that the home owner can select for viewing on any of the connected displays and offer the user the ability to select individual cameras for full screen viewing and optionally, PTZ control, and also provide for a single montage view of selected cameras (configurable by the int...

Building Management System ISAPI
Ultamation Limited

By using Hikvision ISAPI and HEOP protocols, Ivideon has successfully integrated Hikvision thermal cameras with temperature screening detection functions.


IVIDEON provides a cloud-based platform for ANPR management captured by Hikvision ANPR cameras.


We have develop a Powerful Management Solution to automatically transfer data seamlessly to and from Hikvision using your existing HR/Payroll/T&A employee data. This fully automated system reduces human intervention and thereby eliminates human errors. Our application automatically sends employee a...


The integration is targeting larger HikCentral installations that require a single-interface operation of both Hikvision and Nedap systems. The Nedap Connector for Optimus provides events, alarm, and person data synchronization for access control and intrusion events, between AEOS connected hardware...

Access Control SDK

Unlike some VMS products that only support ONVIF, Camtrace VMS integrates natively with Hikvision systems so that it can support the deepest level of integration. This enables Camtrace VMS to manage a large number of video streams, camera PTZ, recording, playback, motion or AI alarm management as w...

VMS ISAPI, ONVIF, Third Party...
Camtrace SAS

Parquery detects any object in pictures taken from any camera, such as Hikvision cameras. Real-time results are therefore provided on: 1) the availability of each parking spot, 2) the exact parking duration of each vehicle, 3) the vehicle type (truck, commercial vehicle, car, motorcycle…), 4) or oth...

Analytics Platform SDK
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