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Extreme scalability and performance – The software allows an unlimited amount of VMS Servers and an unlimited of cameras per server in one centrally managed network domain (possible to configure an unlimited number of network domains) Modularity helps when needs change – The user can access addit...


Cityvision can identify and track real-time 7 types of mobilities on video streams coming from any urban camera (optical and thermal). The data automatically produced helps city implement initiatives for smoother, safer and greener mobility : Traffic statistics: (diagnosis and traffic studies), Dyna...

Video Analytics, Traffic Management Platform ISAPI

This integration provides the operator with system transparency and full control from both systems. Using either control clients, operators have complete situational awareness, receive any alarms generated by both systems, and can respond and control any further actions. Integration Key Features

Access Control Platform HCNetSDK, Hikvision Optim...

ANPR camera and Linux embedded board are connected, and information processing is processed primarily in embedded. The processed information is sent to the server, and the server sends notifications and text messages from individuals according to the scenario.

Parking Management & Entrance Control System ISAPI

We offer an original solution combining Deep Learning and photovoltaic energy in a system of intelligent cameras which can be deployed on any sports ground to film in 4K resolution and automatically measure the individual and collective performances of athletes. - Through our simple and interact...

Sports Application ISAPI

Our solution features intelligent traffic monitoring through 3D detection of pedestrians and vehicles with their complete identification by reading number plates, classifying them into categories, identifying the model and make and characterising their motion by estimating their speed and the lane t...

Video Analytics, Traffic Management Platform, Vehicle Tracking System ONVIF
A.I. Tech

ST37 develops innovative solutions and tools to help sports people increase their performance from regular training as well as assist sports judges and refereeing decisions during matches or competitions. - Our system is a powerful tool that interprets actions and brings real time information. Thi...

Sports Application ISAPI
ST37 Sport et Technologie S.A.S

3dEYE is a pure cloud video surveillance platform with no server/bridge purchase necessary. The platform is camera-agnostic and is available with the administration, alarm station, video portal, analytics and billing modules. Cloud video analytics module features (as of Q1 2022) heat mapping, ob...

VMS, ARC (Alarm Receiving Center), Cloud VSaaS, Health Monitoring Platform, Cloud Hosted Storage HEOP
3dEYE Inc.

Videosoft develop solutions for adaptive compression and secure real-time transmission of video, whether they use cable ethernet or wireless networks such as satellite and cellular. Our technology secures the network, masks device IP and MAC addresses and makes video streaming much more efficient u...

Cloud VSaaS, Independent Hardware Vendor , VMS ISAPI, ONVIF

Our 4G rapid deployment camera uses Hikvision hardware to integrate with our bespoke housing for mobile and temporary camera deployment that powers from lamp-posts.

VMS, Independent Hardware Vendor ISAPI, ONVIF