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GARDiS Access Management Software is an evolution of the existing, user-friendly access control system developed by TDSi. It aims to improve accessibility through ease of installation, with a user-friendly interface that has been developed specifically to accommodate varied users, from Installers to...

Access Control Platform ISAPI

Tether is a cloud-based security and IoT platform, securely aggregating and visualising data across multiple devices and locations. Tether enables Business Improvement Districts to unite any legacy or new cameras (including Hikvision), alarms, sensors and devices in a quick and easy way, monitor mul...

Tether Technology Ltd

Tether’s ANPR solution improves security, efficiency and service levels by bringing data from all ANPR cameras, such as Hikvision and others, from one or many sites into one secure cloud-based platform, showing the data on an easy-to-use dashboard that is accessible from anywhere. Tether’s ANPR sol...

Tether Technology Ltd

Tether is a cloud-based security and IoT platform that securely aggregates data across multiple devices and locations and visualises it on one easy-to-use dashboard that is accessible from anywhere. Tether enables Housing Associations to unite any legacy or new cameras (including Hikvision), alarms,...

Tether Technology Ltd

Ou interactive touch screen display units are used in retail as well as in hotels and corporate environments to provide information as well as interact with partner technologies such as video or thermal (temperature) cameras and also payment systems.

Building Management System ISAPI
Touch innovation

A Video First Solution for Risk Management. Designed by Total Retail Loss experts, by Retail Loss Prevention Professionals. With many security systems and devices working in isolation, it can be difficult to see the big picture of risk management to enable effective, efficient solutions. Transpeye h...

Video Analytics, Retail Management Platform Hik-ProConnect OpenAPI (H...
Transpeye Ltd

The tactical observation platform provides a simple and efficient way to view realtime video feeds, positioning information and provides dynamic guidance to selected objects. User-friendly interface for mobile intervention teams & mobile command centers View live videofeed from local & remote hikv...


UR Fog is the most innovative and powerful anti-intrusion fogging system on the market. It is fully compatible with Hikvision AXPro intruder alarm panels

Alarm Systems Others
ur fog srl

The Automated Camera for SportsTM enables sports clubs to fully automate match recording. This can be used for live broadcasting, video analysis or for performance improvements. You simply install a specific Hikvision camera at the sports field centre line and you can then schedule unlimited matche...

Video Analytics ISAPI
Usportfor BV

Provide a source device that the home owner can select for viewing on any of the connected displays and offer the user the ability to select individual cameras for full screen viewing and optionally, PTZ control, and also provide for a single montage view of selected cameras (configurable by the int...

Building Management System ISAPI
Ultamation Limited