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The solution can be composed of one or more of the following plugins: - AI-INTRUSION-DEEP allows the detection of intrusion with a deep learning based classifier. It is a change of tripwire detection, multiple tripwire detection and sterile zone detection. Moreover allows to raise an alarm when a p...

Updated on Jul 21, 2022
Video Analytics ONVIF
A.I. Tech

Cityvision can identify and track real-time 7 types of mobilities on video streams coming from any urban camera (optical and thermal). The data automatically produced helps city implement initiatives for smoother, safer and greener mobility : Traffic statistics: (diagnosis and traffic studies), Dyna...

Updated on Mar 21, 2022
Video Analytics, Traffic Management Platform ISAPI

Our solution features intelligent traffic monitoring through 3D detection of pedestrians and vehicles with their complete identification by reading number plates, classifying them into categories, identifying the model and make and characterising their motion by estimating their speed and the lane t...

Updated on Mar 10, 2022
Video Analytics, Traffic Management Platform, Vehicle Tracking System ONVIF
A.I. Tech

Video image is and always will be the key to security management. However, the accurate interpretation of images will rely increasingly on other data sources to add vital information to video for better interpretation of live alerts. Sound is a fundamental source of data for use in security: it is t...

Updated on Mar 3, 2022
Independent Hardware Vendor , Video Analytics ISAPI

DeepAlert is a cloud-based solution. How it works: - Customers configure DeepAlert details on any of their Hikvision cameras/NVRs/DVRs; - Client selects what they want to be filtered out on the DeepAlert interface, i.e. a person from 19:00 until 04:00; - Client configures HikCentral Professiona...

Updated on Feb 28, 2022
Video Analytics HikCentral Professional O...

A Video First Solution for Risk Management. Designed by Total Retail Loss experts, by Retail Loss Prevention Professionals. With many security systems and devices working in isolation, it can be difficult to see the big picture of risk management to enable effective, efficient solutions. Transpeye h...

Updated on Feb 28, 2022
Video Analytics, Retail Management Platform Hik-Partner Pro OpenAPI (...
Transpeye Ltd

Using sophisticated AI techniques, Portal for Cars automatically films and records a visual HD log of all vehicles as they enter or exit a site via a secure IT system. We partner with Hikvision for HD ANPR cameras as well as UVSS scanners to provide a photographic and data record for the outside as...

Updated on Jan 21, 2022
Parking Management & Entrance Control System, Video Analytics, ERP, VMS ISAPI

XXII CORE is a software platform for real-time video stream analysis. XXII CORE can be easily deployed on existing video protection infrastructure. The algorithms alert operators in real time for rapid and optimal decision-making. The XXII CORE platform is a turnkey solution that sends alerts dire...

Updated on Dec 23, 2021
Video Analytics, Traffic Management Platform ISAPI

AI puts the human element front and center to monitor the safety and health of people. This proactively contributes to a safe and healthy working environment and reduces exposure to legal liabilities caused by incidents and accidents. A post-pandemic world will use AI with Environment, Health and...

Updated on Aug 25, 2021
Video Analytics ISAPI, ONVIF

Intrusion Detection Analytics is generally about power, reliability, resilience and accuracy. It is thus difficult to imagine that this complex solution can hold within a camera with such simplicity. FoxIntruder is an edge-based solution, embedded inside HIKVISION professional thermal surveillance c...

Updated on Aug 25, 2021
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