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Increase efficiency and productivity on sites by monitoring weight and optimising loads in real time

Solution Type: Video Analytics, Independent Hardware Vendor
Targeted Industries: Manufacturing and Industrial
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Solution Description

The ALTAROAD platform is completed by a mobile and dynamic weighing system that we supply, TopTrack. Coupled with a camera, our solution optimises delivery loads, saves time, costs and personnel.
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User Benefits

  • Account management and monitoring dashboards by type of waste or recycling material, transporter name, waste treatment facility…
  • Automatic generation of waste tracking notes with the correct vehicle mass
  • A compact and mobile weighing system - easily and rapidly deployable
  • Optimising truck loads can save between 5 and 10% on transport costs
  • Directly connected to the ALTAROAD platform

Key Features

  • Detection of the vehicle and its load while in movement
  • Weighing system at the entry or exit of your site
  • Hikvision ANPR camera integration for license plate and vehicle information into our software
  • Prevents underloads and ensure optimal loading of the vehicles
  • Prevents dangerous and illegal overloads

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility


Technical Details

Partner Product Name: ALTAROAD TopTrack

Partner Product Version: All versions

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: ANPR Camera (iDS-2CD7A46G0/P-IZHSY(2.8-12mm)(C))

Integration Protocol: ISAPI


Regions: Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Oceania, Africa

Languages: English, French


ALTAROAD designs and operates a range of very innovatives solutions to "listen" to the road to provide very efficient tools for road and transportation users(construction, airports, logistics, cities, ports, infrastructures...).