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ARC Gateway

Provided by NAM system, a.s., 2020-05-29

Solution has been tested with the following Hikvision products

  • HikCentral

  • Optimus

  • IPC

  • PTZ

  • Thermal Camera

  • NVR

  • DVR

  • Encoder

  • Decoder

  • Mobile

  • Access Control

  • Video Intercom

  • Traffic

  • Alarm

  • Parking

  • Others

Solution Description

The ARC Gateway is the interconnection of the Alarm Receiving Centre with the Hikvision camera system situated at the guarded facility. When the monitoring system detects an alarm at the facility, it sends an alarm event message to the ARC and the controller subsequently handles the alarm. With just one click, the controller (at the ARC) can switch directly to the camera software. He is able to watch a video recording of movements captured at the facility at the time of the alarm and can also see live pictures from the facility. The controller can switch between cameras if the facility is equipped with several cameras. Video records of alarm events are stored directly at the ARC and so these can be played back

Key Features

interconnection of the Alarm Receiving Centre and the camera system

during an alarm it is possible to display video recordings from the monitored facility directly at the ARC (live pictures or recordings taken before the alarm occurred)

ability to switch between cameras

storage of video recordings directly to the ARC

User Benefits
  • simple interconnection of both systems
  • instant video verification of the alarm at the facility
  • faster response to events and faster resolving of alarm situations
  • reduces unnecessary call outs to the facility
Solution Details
Partner’s products

Supported Hikvision product models and related firmware versions

Supported Firmware of Partner Products
Integration Protocol

ONVIF, Hik-Gateway, Third Party Protocol

Product Languages

English, Czech


Government, Commercial, Residential, General, Police



Solution type


Brief sentence about solution

Interconnection of the Alarm Receiving Centre and the camera system - the possibility to display videorecordings from the monitored facility directly at the ARC during an alarm.

Company logo

NAM system, a.s.

NAM system began to develop hardware and software in 1990. We have become one of the largest suppliers of GPS monitoring solutions, communicators and solutions for alarm receiving centres in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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