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ICOGNIZE Palm vein scanner with Hikvision Access Controllers

Integration of the palm vein scanners via the OSDP protocol

Solution Type: Access Control Platform
Targeted Industries: Banking and Finance | Government Facilities | Commercial | Manufacturing and Industrial | General
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Solution Description

PalmVein is currently the safest and best non-contact biometric procedure. No duplication of data maintenance - the master data is maintained in the Hikvison platform.

Use of the most modern procedures - identification, 2-factor authentication, template in the database,  template on card, split template, the main system remains Hikvision including all authorization assignments.

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User Benefits

  • OSDP protocol - worldwide standard
  • 2-factor authentication should be usable, as well as the split template process developed and patented by iCOGNIZE
  • AES 256 bit - highest encryption of all data

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility

Access Control

Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Scanvein

Partner Product Version: Design and Compact versions

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: DK-K2602T (V1.0.4_211028)

Integration Protocol: ISAPI, OSDB


Regions: Europe

Languages: English, German


As developer and manufacturer with many years of experience, the iCOGNIZE GmbH is your partner for biometric security solutions. The wide variety of technologies ranges from Bluetooth BLE to RFID (Mifare/ Legic) and mobile device authentication. iCOGNIZE headquarters are located in Dietzenbach – close to Frankfurt am Main. The biometric system specialist also has its research department on-site and closely collaborates with universities and other research facilities to advance innovation in the field of biometric security technology.

Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in this solution.