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VISOR® Thermographic Access Control Solution

Provided by Vauban Systems, 2020-09-22

This solution has not been fully tested with dedicated Hikvision products, please contact this partner for further information.

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  • Optimus

  • IPC

  • PTZ

  • Thermal Camera

  • NVR

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  • Encoder

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  • Mobile

  • Access Control

  • Video Intercom

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Solution Description

VISOR® is natively deeply integrated with Hikvision video sensors, camera systems, ANPR cameras for automated gate control and also Thermal cameras for remote temperature monitoring and mask detection: cardholders, with a high temperature and/or not wearing a mask, access can be automatically refused and display alternative instructions to follow via the access control system. With VISOR® your smart phone becomes a mobile reader and simple QR codes as door badge readers. VISOR also supports both wired and wireless hand free locks (for example APERIO and SmartIntengo). VISOR® becomes an integrated security management system that manages intruder alarms, CCTV systems, intercom stations and more – including for multi-site project integration. Vauban Systems it 5 years warranty and free software upgrade for life !

Key Features

Part of Vitaprotech Group, a large group of companies in the security industry (sister companies include TDSI, TIL Technologies, Sorhea, ARD and others)

Made in France : leading the market in access control solution development

Close partnership with Hikvision to ensure compatibility

Tailored solutions and custom integrations for specific project requirements

5 year warranty provided

User Benefits
  • High performance, ergonomic and intuitive software for access management
  • Innovative features with partner solutions such as mobile device credentials & QR codes,
  • Supports ANPR for gate management and also thermal body temperature integration
  • Online or offline lock integration
  • Free server and client station licenses and all software updates.
How It Works
Solution Details


Partner’s products


Supported Hikvision product models and related firmware versions

Supported Firmware of Partner Products VISOR® is compatible with Hikvision technologies lines via the ISAPI protocol.
Integration Protocol


Product Languages

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Czech


Banking & Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Government, City Surveillance, Commercial, Data Centers, Energy & Mining, Manufacturing & Industrial, Ports, Public Transportation, Sports & Entertainment, Logistics, Prisons


Europe, Africa, North America, Middle East & North Africa, Ocenaia, Latin America, Asia

Solution type

[Solution type_Access Control]

Brief sentence about solution

VISOR® provides secure access control for buildings using a range of internal and partner technologies to ensure that our clients can deploy the most suitable system and credential management and locking mechanisms

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