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The LockToo System: Access Control System, Time & Attendance System, CCTV Solutions, Intrusion Detection System, Fire Protection Systems

The LockToo system assists companies in overcoming challenges associated with managing daily work schedules of employees and security solutions.

Solution Type: Access Control Platform, Visitor Management Platform , Time & Attendence, Fire & Life Safety Systems, Alarm Systems, Parking Management & Entrance Control System
Targeted Industries: Banking and Finance | Healthcare | Government Facilities | Utilities, Energy and Mining | Manufacturing and Industrial | Public Transport
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Solution Description

Integration of Hikvision biometrics devices (fingerprint, badge, face recognition, etc.) with Rifl's LockToo Manager software for efficient time & attendance and access control.

The full integration can resolve crucial issues around Physical contact, Damaged Fingerprint, Time consuming processes, etc.

The system integrates with HR and payroll systems including Sage, ERP, and HR Access, to ensure exchange of data and eliminate payroll errors

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User Benefits

  • Contactless technology
  • Highly scalable
  • Hygienic practices
  • Improving business productivity
  • Unauthorized access attempts are more visible

Key Features

  • Provide detailed attendance reports
  • Collect staff attendance and hours worked data rapidly, precisely, and cost-effectively
  • Ensure accurate recording of personnel data for each instance
  • Provide managers with valuable data for evaluating employee performance
  • Transfer overtime hours to payroll easily for overtime payments

Solution Architecture

The LockToo System is a full-web solution to control working times and corporate group activities for multi-site companies.

Hikvision Product Compatibility


Access Control


Enterprise Network Storage


Technical Details

Partner Product Name: LockToo System

Partner Product Version: LockToo System version 2023

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: DS-K1F820-F+ DS-K1T804MF+ DS-K1T671MF + DS-K1T672E (V3.2.30 build 20220913)

Integration Protocol: HCNetSDK


Regions: Africa, Europe, Middle East & North Africa

Languages: English, French


RIFL Biometrics is a leader in designing and building hardware & software systems for various security applications.
Established in Morocco in 2007 and headquartered in France. Their areas of expertise are mainly access control and time & attendance solutions, and company security through intrusion detection systems, CCTV, and fire protection systems.
RIFL Biometrics provides a credible, distinctive and practical approach to ensure added value to all clients.