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IPS Intrusion Detection (Hikvision)(canceled)

Provided by IPS Intelligent Video Analytics (Securiton GmbH), 2021-06-23

Solution has been tested with the following Hikvision products

  • HikCentral

  • Optimus

  • IPC

  • PTZ

  • Thermal Camera

  • NVR

  • DVR

  • Encoder

  • Decoder

  • Mobile

  • Access Control

  • Video Intercom

  • Traffic

  • Alarm

  • Parking

  • Others

Solution Description

IPS Intrusion Detection is an intelligent video analytics module for real-time alerting in case of intrusion into secured outdoor areas. With its zone concept, it allows an exact friend or foe recognition. Additionally, it can be perfectly adjusted to its environment. This facilitates a reliable detection of unauthorised accesses even under difficult weather conditions. Installation and configuration is straightforward and it is suitable for outdoor applications.

Key Features

Real time alerting in case of intrusion in a secured area

Activity recognition, sabotage recognition, object recognition and tracking

Configuration of capture and alarm zone

Setting of object sizes and perspectives

Analytics setup and display of meta data in a web browser

User Benefits
  • Subsequently enhanced security level in monitored areas
  • Reliable detection even under difficult weather conditions
  • Suitable for colour and thermal imaging cameras
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Perimeter and site protection of sensitive areas (Monitoring of open areas, fences, buildings and entrances)
Solution Details
Application Name

IPS Intrusion Detection

App Version(X.X.X)


Supported Hikvision Open Platform Series


Application Description

IPS Intrusion Detection is a video analytics module for real-time alerting in case of intrusion into secured outdoor areas.

App File
Integration Protocol

SDK, HEOP, CGI, Third Party Protocol

Product Languages

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian


Banking & Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Government, City Surveillance, Commercial, Data Centers, Energy & Mining, Manufacturing & Industrial, Ports, Public Transportation, Residential, Sports & Entertainment, Traffic Monitoring, Logistics, Infrastructure, Home Automation, General, Prisons, Police, Judiciary, Marine


Europe, Africa, Middle East & North Africa, Asia

Solution type


Brief sentence about solution

Real-time detection in case of intrusion into secured outdoor areas.

Reference Links
Free Trial Version Link
IPS Solution Page
Company logo

IPS Intelligent Video Analytics (Securiton GmbH)

IPS Intelligent Video Analytics, founded in 1965, is a German manufacturer of high-end video analytics and video management solutions with profound expertise in that field. A dedicated and resourceful team of developers based in Munich continually drives the IPS product portfolio forward and creates the best solution for every customer. With their proven and outstanding reliability, the IPS products are deployed in thousands of applications throughout Europe. Ranging from small companies to global players, IPS’s customers come from different high security sectors such as prisons, critical infrastructure, petrochemical sites and remote surveillance centres. IPS maintains close partnerships with system integrators, distributors, providers and technology partners all over Europe. Since 2006, IPS is part of the Securiton GmbH, a company of the Swiss Securitas Group.

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