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Camcloud Cloud Video Surveillance

Camcloud hardware free Cloud Video Surveillance offers a plug-and-play support for PCI series Hikvision cameras.

Solution Type: Cloud VSaaS
Targeted Industries: Banking and Finance | Retail | Healthcare | Education | Government Facilities | Commercial | Residential | Logistics | General
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Solution Description

The Camcloud Direct-to-Cloud solution for Hikvision PCI series enables fast and seamless connection of the Hikvision PCI cameras to the Camcloud Video Cloud Surveillance system without the use of a bridge or any other additional hardware. Users benefit from the ability to store video up to 90 days off-site, safely in the cloud with instant access to their cloud storage, camera management and more! Camcloud's partner program is designed specifically for resellers and security integrators to offer the solution to their clients under their own brand..
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User Benefits

  • Plug and Play Integration with Hikvision PCI-xxxx/DS-2CD3xx6 Network Camera
  • Your customers will only see your company logo. Push your own brand and not someone else's
  • Centrally manage all your customers and their cameras from your reseller admin portal
  • Generate a constant stream of revenue through selling RMR services
  • Free reseller training. Become an expert in Cloud Surveillance

Key Features

  • Cloud Storage: Store your critical surveillance footage safely off-site in the cloud for up to 90 days
  • Plug and Play Setup: No network configuration or port forwarding
  • No Gateway or Specialized Hardware: Hikvision cameras will connect securely to the cloud and can be completely managed through Camcloud
  • Multi-Site and Multi-User: The power of the cloud allows for an unlimited number of sites and users
  • Camera Health Checks, Edge Storage Redundancy and More: Manage all your camera's important features and online health through Camcloud apps

Solution Architecture

Hikvision Product Compatibility


Technical Details

Partner Product Name: Camcloud Cloud Video Surveillance

Partner Product Version: Firmware: IPC G3 Firmware: v5.5.150_OP_201113

Hikvision Product Models and Firmware Versions: Firmware: IPC G3 Firmware: v5.5.150_OP_201113 Camera models: Hikvision PCI Series: PCI-B12F2S, PCI-B12F4S, PCI-B12F6S, PCI-B15F2S, PCI-B15F4S, PCI-B15F6S, PCI-B18F2S, PCI-B18F4S, PCI-B18F6S, PCI-B12F2SL, PCI-B12F4SL, PCI-B12F6SL, PCI-B15F2SL, PCI-B15F4SL, PCI-B15F6SL, PCI-D12F2S, PCI-D12F4S, PCI-D12F6S, PCI-D15F2S, PCI-D15F4S, PCI-D15F6S, PCI-T12F2S, PCI-T15F4S, PCI-T12F6S, PCI-T15F2S, PCI-T15F4S, PCI-T15F6S, PCI-T18F2S, PCI-T18F4S, PCI-T18F6S, PCI-T12F2SL, PCI-T12F4SL, PCI-T12F6SL, PCI-T15F2SL, PCI-T15F4SL, PCI-T15F6SL, PCI-B12Z2S, PCI-B15Z2S, PCI-B18Z2S, PCI-D12Z2S, PCI-D15Z2S, PCI-D18Z2S, PCI-LB12F2S, PCI-LB12F4S, PCI-LB12F6S, PCI-LB12F12S, PCI-LB15F2S, PCI-LB15F4S, PCI-LB15F6S, PCI-LB15F12S, PCI-LB18F2S, PCI-LB18F4S, PCI-LB18F6S, PCI-LB18F12S, PCI-LB12F2SL, PCI-LB12F4SL, PCI-LB12F6SL, PCI-LB15F2SL, PCI-LB15F4SL, PCI-LB15F6SL, PCI-D14Z2H

Integration Protocol: ISAPI, HEOP


Regions: North America

Languages: English, Spanish

About Camcloud Inc

Camcloud is a hardware-free cloud video surveillance solution perfect for business, including retail, restaurants and multi-location enterprises. The Camcloud solution does not require any specialized on-premise hardware and integrates seamlessly with Hikvision cameras.

Please contact us with any questions or if you are interested in this solution.